Saturday, December 17

a job behind a HERO...

here i am
yellow ranger~
this is actually my second time being in the yellow suit...
you can checkout my previous post :
[first time being a mascot power ranger]
almost every weekend
different mall around kl..
 i'm packed with my power ranger job 
3slots a day and our job is to walkabout and mingling with kids
shake hand and posing for photos
 some kids love us but some afraid of us!
maybe we don't have the smile on our face~
and the white glove kinda scary....=P
but then of course gals will love yellow ranger more as im d only gal in the team
for boys,they prefer red ranger~simply because he is d leader of Power Ranger...

"Go Go Power Ranger!!!!"
i still remember the song way back when i was in my primary time...

some kids really talented in posing~!^^
still remember the 1st time being in that suit,
i actually smile in the helmet...
silly me...
forgot people can't see my face expression...XP 
 being a mascot is always my dream job
regardless any kind of mascot or even clown~!
when i see people get cheered by us, d satisfactory feelin get into me~
and for some kids you'll really see they really wanted to meet their hero badly..
just a hand shake will make their day..'s a satisfying job to tryout!
 the little girl of our merchandiser 
being our usher to escort us..

*Power Ranger Break time*
a break for our self after all the sweat...
me. Hong Seng (my senior).Yuan Xi (nanxi's brother)
 love this little cute girl
 no to RAKSAKSA!!!!


i guess this will b the end of my journey being a yellow ranger
there is much of sweet and oso sum bad experience in doing the job
bye bye Power Ranger!


FiSh said...

so you're one of the power ranger? looks cool! i wonder if the uniform is stuffy and hot?


chowchow7 said...

yup fish...very hot i can tell...and fit...if i gain weight sure cun fit in d costume dy

applefish said...

LOL..well i can see you got a few nice post as well...

POWER RANGER....reminds me my childhood with cousins :)

卡乔鸟 said...


chowchow7 said...

applefish:hahahah....tis time not so posey like last time as not many power ranger for this season...lonely ranger team...gettin lesser~XP
yah power ranger follow us grow...

卡乔鸟:笑容满开·轰音黄? =O

卡乔鸟 said...


chowchow7 said...

ohh.,,hahahah 是我见识浅啦~XP

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