Sunday, December 25

FooChow Tang Yuan 福州汤圆

Foochow tang yuan 福州汤圆
How old are you?
No need to tell me here!
 But that is the amount of tang yuan you need to eat...
it's a tradition saying
have you tasted tang yuan without the soup?
here you go!!!

*this is a dry Foochow tang yuan recipe from mom*

glutinous rice flour (ERAWAN BRAND-with an elephant)
sugar (mom use brown sugar)
margarine / butter
peanut powder



1) Mix glutinous rice flour with water. Make sure your dough mixture not too sticky(too much water) or too    dry (not enough water).

2) Now get one or two helper to roll on the tang yuan. This is best to do with your family because "yuan" means togetherness.

3) Next, drop your tang yuan into boiling water (not too hot) until it floats.

4) Get tang yuan out, sprinkle some sugar, peanut powder and a scoop of margarine and mix it!

5) For extra taste, sprinkle some peanut powder after you mix everything.

6) DONE!!!!!!

share this recipe among your family and friends and definitely your love ones...


Hilda Milda™ said...

Looks chewy to me!! :D So you're a foochow from Sarawak huh?

chowchow7 said... mom is a foochow from ayer tawar,perak...
few delicacies is almost the same with the east foochow region too...
i juz love the food and their recipe like kolomee, kompiang,red yeast meesua....

Carina said...

I think brown sugar will be better! <3

chowchow7 said...

yah...forgot 2tell my mom use brown sugar....for health =)

Vann said...

a little bit different from ours.... we didnt put margarine... so it will be more... dryer from urs... haha...

you can try other flavor by making the tang yuan with pumpkin... hehe...

chowchow7 said...

yah....sure...but this is the most origin foochow flavour~^^
so vann u r 1of the foochow too?^^

~Joeanney~ said...

never knew that there was this kind of tang yuan, should try it one day :D

chowchow7 said...

a bit like muachi style...
love it!
yah should given a try on it!^^

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