Thursday, December 29

a day out with mom&dad

jingle bells jingle bells....
ohh more Christmas but i'm still in Christmas mood 

a little share of my day out with mom and dad...
after we had our breakfast at SOONG KEE beef noodle
we walked from petaling street to Pavilion
yah...under the huge hot SUN!!!
tough parents right???
hahahaha....that's how my stamina comes from...
it was my 2nd visit for the United Buddy Bears at Pavilion but their 1st time...
some pics to share

my dad doesn't smoke

he is a cellist that's the reason why he can pose well with the cello bear!^^

the weather is toooooo HOT out there!!!
huh~luckily that at last we can have air-con in Pavilion
and I love that we can rest our feet at the stairways of Pavilion (red carpet) after the long walk..
those Christmas decors still there~
glad that at last I can use my proper cam to snap them...

My 2nd visit at Tokyo Street 6th floor of Pavilion
because I wanna redeem something for them..

If you still remember I won myself a consolation voucher from sunway piramid

They chose to mix Strawberry and Blueberry
their promising
LOW fat
LOW sugar
LOW calories
ice cream from fresh fruit!!!  
 and get this for FREE!!!!
thanks KINDORI =]

they don't even bother about me 
as the ice-cream is heavenly!!!XO 

my only pic with them throughout the whole day out

hope can treat them more in future...


Small Kucing said...

Salute!!! I havent walked from Petaling street to Bukit Bintang areas for..hmmmm...mre than 10 years...that was back when I was in my early twenties lol,...salute your parents!

chowchow7 said...

hahahahah.....great!they beat me....hands down...=P

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