Sunday, December 25

Christmas Gift from sister in Christ

after my Christmas eve gift post, this is the gift that I received on Christmas day when i'm in church...
a gift from my sister in Christ, Soo Hooi

I have to say that she is one of my best companion in Sri Rampai Grace Church
where we were in the same class since small in Sunday School
we get baptized the same day
we share our ups and downs
we're like twin sister in church
and such coincident we shared the same surname "周"..
it's not easy to find a good companion like her
although she's married and busy with her working life 
but our friendship still remained!
That is what I very much appreciate although just a short meetup moment with her..
Some friendship looses its color but ours don't!  

*a penguin wrapper*

*she knows i love purple*

*lovely heart candle*

*if you feel lonely call me now*
this is the most precious gift i ever had!
Seriously, the tag of on t-shirt touched my heart

thanks for your courage from time to time 
especially for the past 5 and a half year time where i'm away from my comfort zone 
thanks for your cheer during my struggling time
Thank God to have you!

Merry Berry Christmas sis...=]


choulyin.tan said...

aww that's so sweet!!! :) a very thoughtful gift :) merry christmas!!

chowchow7 said...

thanks choulyin...merry christmas...=]

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