Sunday, December 11

bye bye Malaysia !

passport CHECK!
"eye see" CHECK!
camera CHECK!
hand phone CHECK!

bye bye Malaysia~
nervous alone but excited to explore...
God Bless...(^~^)b


LauraLeia said...

Wow~ sounds like you're going somewhere fun! :D Enjoy your trip! ^^

Henry Tan said...

singapore? have fun ya! =D

Blackswan said...

Nice mtg u, Yin Yin! Enjoy your vacation!

Thks for the food challenge hint. Hahaha! U may wanna chk this out:
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chowchow7 said...

hey guys...really fun but my trip too short dy~i love singapore!!!^^

Подтверждаю said...

dropping by from lowyat :p
oh~ taking a nap at singapore?
good~ post some photo then.

er..whats wrong with d last picture?
i've found a worm onits tails?


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