Friday, December 30

In tears to see this...thank you my dear sis!!!

as I was about to leave kl..
a video pops up and make me tears non-stop...
I never cry in farewell or any graduation...while others crying Filifeleh there..
but this seriously put me in tears early this morning...
evoke the feeling of my 5 and a half years (year 2006-2011) in Bukit Mertajam..
thanks to Melody Kong Yee Ming
my dear sister in Christ!!
the greatest gift I had to end my year 2011

take care and we shall always share God's word and courage to each other in future...
you will always in my prayer girl... 

bye bye kl...

bye bye...
will away from facebook and blog to clear my mind for few days
will be back for some share some stuff on this

get the riddle?


Thursday, December 29

a day out with mom&dad

jingle bells jingle bells....
ohh more Christmas but i'm still in Christmas mood 

a little share of my day out with mom and dad...
after we had our breakfast at SOONG KEE beef noodle
we walked from petaling street to Pavilion
yah...under the huge hot SUN!!!
tough parents right???
hahahaha....that's how my stamina comes from...
it was my 2nd visit for the United Buddy Bears at Pavilion but their 1st time...
some pics to share

Soong Kee Beef Noodles 颂记牛肉丸粉

Beefy Goodness!! Soong Kee Beef Noodles 颂记牛肉丸粉 Set For 2 Pax (2 Beef Noodle + 2 Beef Tripe OR Balls Soup + 2 FREE Herbal Tea) For RM16 RM7.80 ONLY!

bought another great deal from
So, I brought my mom and dad to review the goodness of beef noodle.. 

Wednesday, December 28

Random pic in Malaysian Girls

If you still remember i blog about Malaysian Girls....
[although it's in a mandarin version but seriously no spoilers! ^^] 

now here's some off-stage pictures to share
as told that all we need to find is a guy with his signature white hat!!!

Monday, December 26





刚刚去看了一个 mangali 医生






this picture is to remind u...take good care of your health!
that is the most important and precious gift i want this Christmas!

Sunday, December 25

Christmas Gift from sister in Christ

after my Christmas eve gift post, this is the gift that I received on Christmas day when i'm in church...
a gift from my sister in Christ, Soo Hooi

I have to say that she is one of my best companion in Sri Rampai Grace Church
where we were in the same class since small in Sunday School
we get baptized the same day
we share our ups and downs
we're like twin sister in church
and such coincident we shared the same surname "周"..
it's not easy to find a good companion like her
although she's married and busy with her working life 
but our friendship still remained!
That is what I very much appreciate although just a short meetup moment with her..
Some friendship looses its color but ours don't!  

*a penguin wrapper*

FooChow Tang Yuan 福州汤圆

Foochow tang yuan 福州汤圆
How old are you?
No need to tell me here!
 But that is the amount of tang yuan you need to eat...
it's a tradition saying
have you tasted tang yuan without the soup?
here you go!!!

*this is a dry Foochow tang yuan recipe from mom*

glutinous rice flour (ERAWAN BRAND-with an elephant)
sugar (mom use brown sugar)
margarine / butter
peanut powder



1) Mix glutinous rice flour with water. Make sure your dough mixture not too sticky(too much water) or too    dry (not enough water).

2) Now get one or two helper to roll on the tang yuan. This is best to do with your family because "yuan" means togetherness.

3) Next, drop your tang yuan into boiling water (not too hot) until it floats.

4) Get tang yuan out, sprinkle some sugar, peanut powder and a scoop of margarine and mix it!

5) For extra taste, sprinkle some peanut powder after you mix everything.

6) DONE!!!!!!

share this recipe among your family and friends and definitely your love ones...

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Official Music Video)

so much in love with this song the tune the lyrics...
happy Christmas to everyone i's you and you....=)

Saturday, December 24

a Christmas eve gift

horn horn horn....
wooooo.....I wonder who with a noisy horn out there~
having a peek through the window and I saw a Malay motorist out there
I was thinking that he should be one of the annoying salesman from door to door
but I was shocked when he called my name

yah...I know who is d sender as I was told before that will receive this...
so I should say this is not a surprise...
but still I don't know what the content is, right?...=P
hmmm....based on the "not-so-neat" handwriting, i believed the sender was in a hurry 
anyways is the heart that count! thanks...(^^)o
*a huge present card with sharp red ribbon*

this put me in laughter cause it reminds me of my cute student's artwork~ XP
but I love it cause it shows genuine hand drawing from the sender...
and I love handmade stuff! 
Did I tell you about that?

thanks...and really nice to know you although just a short period of time~
 GOD bless you...and HE matter how the future is...

                                                   I love this senget pops up 3D mas tree!

thanks for your sweet genuine handmade card~ :)

a Christmas eve without Christmas celebration..
but coughing all the way...==
enjoy everyone!
Christmas is not just about party solely but Jesus Christ was born...

free makeup free photoshooting free medical checkup by Glory.of.Love

Great stuff!!!!!!
NO charges!!!
left today (24th dec 2011) and tomorrow (25th dec 2011
So...better hurry!!!!
get your invitation voucher!
COD them around kl area!
specifically times square~

Browse through the images below for details...
 *got this invitation voucher when i pass by Times Square monorail*

 *checkout their facebook for more*

*free photography*
*free makeup*
*free medical checkup* 
*stand a chance to win IPAD2 or a trip to KOREA*

Terms & Conditions:
This event is open to single aged between 17 and 35 years old.
Original voucher must be presented upon redemption.
Only ONE(1) participant is entitled to the makeup and hair do.
NO camera permitted at the shooting venue
This voucher is not refundable and no replacement will be entertained for any last voucher.
Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice

Ho Ho heak aheaok...
My Merry coughing x'mas~

Friday, December 23

no HO HO HO....

what a HO-rrible Christmas this year
Merry Christmas everyone...
for me,
no turkey
no caroling
no cheer 
heh~severe asthma and non-stop coughing
stay away from me!!!!
HO HO hook ehek aheak..
excuse me..
tired coughing..(=.=lll)o

it's my 4th lung gonna fall out....

Karafuru Tarts @ Tokyo Street Pavilion

I missed the opening of a new dessert on the 21st December 2011 at Tokyo Street Pavilion!!!
if you want to know some idea about Tokyo Street Pavilion, here's my previous post with some images on it.

"Karafuru" is a play of the name colourful in Japanese. This name represents our very colourful tarts! They also have mini cakes and truffles for sale. Do go and checkout!!!
 Something good which not to be missed~^^

What do Karafuru offered?
They have Multi-layered Tokyo Fruit Tarts with variety of flavours such as :
  •    Strawberry Chocolate
  •    Mango
  •    Grape
  •   Oreo
  •   Green Tea Red Bean
  •   Raspberry Peach
  •   Chocolate Banana
  •   Blackforest
  •   Blueberry Meringue
  •   Mixed Fruits

Do you like Mangoes?
Teasing you guys with their 1st Karafuru Tart :
 *Grape Goodness*
 and i wanna say my Godness on this!!!!! i love grapes!!!!

*Mixed Fruits*
Who says dessert can't be healthy? :P

I'm sure there will be one to cater your taste bud!

   [price range for the whole tart is from RM79 - RM85 and RM8.50 - RM8.90 for the sliced tarts] 

   What so special about Karafuru?
  •      Attractive in looks 
  •           No preservatives, hence its healthy
  •           Handmade to perfection by chef from Japan
  •          Ingredients : fresh fruits, custard/chocolate filing, fresh cream, fruit puree 

*There are surprises in the tart which you’ll only find out once you’ve tried the tart yourself !*

[wow!!i wonder what kind of the promising surprises are?!]

Promotion to highlight :
Like their facebook page ( and get a 30% discount voucher on the whole or sliced tart. Promotion valid until 31st January 2012 only You can get the voucher from their facebook page under "promotion tag". Print the voucher out or show them from your phone that you’ve liked their page to qualify for the discount.

For more information

Address : 
Tokyo Street, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

Contact no : 
03-2143 5737 (Outlet) or 012 312 3971 ( Shea Leen )

Email :
Remember the logo and share among this new dessert @ Tokyo Street Pavilion with your friends, family and certainly your love ones during this Christmas season...good thing to share...Happie X'mas everyone..Ho Ho Ho!!^^

Monday, December 19

Mini Christmas Project

it's about Christmas...
and I was busy with my church practice and preparation 
and was assigned to handmade a choir book for 20 person

*just a little simple idea*

green plus red

3songs that we gonna sing and im in alto part:
1) Silent night 平安夜
2) What Child is This? 是何婴孩
3) That Beautiful Name 最美丽圣名

6 days to go and i'm having severe cough and asthma
Merry Christmas everyone.. 
God Bless!

Saturday, December 17

a job behind a HERO...

here i am
yellow ranger~
this is actually my second time being in the yellow suit...
you can checkout my previous post :
[first time being a mascot power ranger]
almost every weekend
different mall around kl..
 i'm packed with my power ranger job 
3slots a day and our job is to walkabout and mingling with kids
shake hand and posing for photos
 some kids love us but some afraid of us!
maybe we don't have the smile on our face~
and the white glove kinda scary....=P
but then of course gals will love yellow ranger more as im d only gal in the team
for boys,they prefer red ranger~simply because he is d leader of Power Ranger...

"Go Go Power Ranger!!!!"
i still remember the song way back when i was in my primary time...

some kids really talented in posing~!^^
still remember the 1st time being in that suit,
i actually smile in the helmet...
silly me...
forgot people can't see my face expression...XP 
 being a mascot is always my dream job
regardless any kind of mascot or even clown~!
when i see people get cheered by us, d satisfactory feelin get into me~
and for some kids you'll really see they really wanted to meet their hero badly..
just a hand shake will make their day..'s a satisfying job to tryout!
 the little girl of our merchandiser 
being our usher to escort us..

*Power Ranger Break time*
a break for our self after all the sweat...
me. Hong Seng (my senior).Yuan Xi (nanxi's brother)
 love this little cute girl
 no to RAKSAKSA!!!!


i guess this will b the end of my journey being a yellow ranger
there is much of sweet and oso sum bad experience in doing the job
bye bye Power Ranger!

Singapore day (1)

remember my bye bye Malaysia.. post?
lion and fish tail what you'll get is Singapore!!!!
this is actually my 3rd trip to Singapore but the previous one not as adventurous as this time
because this time i'm heading down alone....juz for one mission
to visit my dearest cousin brother and sister after ages lost contact with them!
and so i had a mix feeling of excited, worried, alone
but of course the percentage of excitement is higher than others~~~
weee..........Lion City!!!!
here I come

the very 1st thing i munch in once i drop my feet in Singapore is this ice cream which costs $1(RM2)
im not sure whether this is famous in Singapore 
but then i love the soft and fluffy bread to go with the brick-thickness mocha chip ice-cream!!!
woooo!!!!i can juz scream for heavenly goodness....^^ 
i love the fact that the ice cream very solid and doesn't melt that easily~
it's located somewhere near Bugis Street
and you'll find a few ice-cream men here!
whoopie~but this mocha chip flavor is strictly to go with bread cone!!!
 thanks to my cousin ah mei (girl in black) for introducing this yummy street dessert to me!!!XP

here is the uncle selling ice-cream
look how home made is this!!!
fresh from the fridge~ 
 the uncle selling ice cream standing on a small tool...
next meet 
-my cousin brother ah xiang with his fiancee kim yin-
they are really sweet couple...
ah xiang (my cousin brother)
we went a steamboat place for dinner
but the owner stopped me from taking photo of the food there
but it's ok respect what...=)
any singaporean out there know this place? 
 our tomyam and 清汤
it was really fun to have a dinner chit chating time with them as we share our fond memories of our happy childhood time at ayer that everyone of us are busy with our own life so a simple dinner will do!
orchard road is a must visit especially x'mas time...
it is well know for all the street lights along the path way and blinking all night long...
 wow!!!building with all the brands...
 a bit surprise to see this which reminds me of our ongoing Malaysia United Buddy Bear at pavilion!!! 
it's all about lights...

 so this is the end of my 1st day in Singapore...
a fullmoon
good night and see you on 
Singapore Day 2!
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