Friday, November 11

“What would Puss in Boots do?”

Are you a CAT lover????
Did you know that there is a cat with boots???

definitely not this....
this belongs to Mr. PHua Chu Kang private limited best in Singapore and JB!!!!
and some say BATTAM...

Here you are!!!!
the pair of boots which belongs to a CAT hero.....

Now the hero found his pair of boots 
and on his way to the cinemas!!!!
Trust me!!!He is the ONE & ONLY cat who wore boots
even Garfield
doesn't own a pair of those expensive $$$$$$ nice looking boots!!!!

round of applause for MR. PUSSY CAT.....
errrrrrrm.....i mean "PUSS in BOOTS"
Puss in Boots
Alright back to the story....
If i were puss and kitty softpaws,
I will gather all the catssssss in town to prepare for the battle of MEOWS!!!
and for FAT ones...
They will have to undergo a series of devil-like training 
which conducted by our honorable MR. PUSS himself....:)
yuhooooo...they get to meet him in person~
how good is that!!!



and more WORKOUTsssssssss!!!!!!!
to get rid their love handles......

until they are fit for the battle,
set an army of CATssssss for the MEOW battle!!!!!!!

By the way....
for your information cats has 9 lives...
who cares if one "Kena Tembak"???
coz they got 8 more lives to spend with
yuhooooooo!!!!!!so take it easy!!!!!
we have a troop of them.......o(^O^)o

"and they live happily ever after....." :)

till then,
MR. PUSS will be back for the next season....

p/sssss: Mr. Puss is on his way to a fishing trip...anyone interested to join him?XP

this is the clown's version of "puss in boots"... for the real one please visit the trailer:

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