Tuesday, November 1

Ultimate FOOD challenge @ sunway pyramid

[last saturday]
THE CLOWN and xueli went on a FOODIE CHALLENGE at Sunway Pyramid
we took part in different challenge
mine is KINDORI ice-cream
her's is ZEN dessert
this is to avoid us from fighting against each other as ENEMY in the same challenge~(^~^)/
yup and so 
pack our nervous feeling
the mentakab gurl and the sentul gurl went on a half dae trip 
to the BATTLE stage!!!!
 got my battle tag after registered myself there
as you can see
the nervousness in me here~~@@
 the battle stage
huaw....i din expect to be such a big stage!!!
and it happens to be in the concourse of the mall
very CENTRE!!!!
 Kindori staff is having the preparation on stage...
 very pinkish!
and i wear the correct colour dat dae....=P
 another staff doing his demo presentation off stage
 yah for your information kindori is a Japanese ice-cream where their ice-cream was made of fresh fruit,,,
not a single water mixture in it,,,(this is from them)
 the pinkish kindori cup~^^
i bet girls will love this...

 a slight peek on my Competition question on the table~
juz 4 flavours to guess?
ohh gosh....i did some google from their kindori page and memorize bout 18of them...
silly me!!!(><)
and here's the page:
 even before the challenge started, i was still memorizing there...
here's how to challenge goes..
we were being blind folded 
and taste the ice-cream given
take off our blind folded scarf
pop the balloon which tied against out leg
then show our plat number!!!
 here's d cup
and i was being tricked by the wasabi flavour 1
because when i tasted the ice cream,
i was referring myself against the list dat i memorized before this
how fish is me!!!!!!
anywayz i manage to get all correct juz dat not in time...
 picture taken by xueli
 hmmmm....something happened and it makes me smile like dat...
keep it secret xueli!!!!!!!!XP
the lady beside me
we din win the challenge but we insists to finish our ice-cream~
yummmy indeed!!!!!!^^
great ice-cream from kindori...
 here's my consolation voucher~
2 free ice-cream 
for every contestant
btw the winner gets ice cream supply for 1 year~~~~

ZEN Q dessert challenge
 here's their staff preparing the dessert
the portion seems big!!!!
 here's the "victim"
 the supporter~~
 gogo li!!!!!!!!!!
 she's nervous as well
and i can tell her feeling...juz like me

 it's a huge bowl of TARO BALLS
mixture of sweet potato and yam TARO..
my fav!!!envy envy....

do checkout the red T guy
before the challenge start,he bang the table with his nuckle~
he is way tooooo desperate to win the challenge and he did~clap!!

here's the WINNER...
 he is desperate to win!!!!!!!
 it's ok gurl u won the most elegant eating challenge~yeah!^^
the talkative guy before the challenge starts...
lots of expression from him~
we were not the winner but we have a fun momment
and this is our first FOODIE challenge~


Nikel Khor said...

I know the guy Peter.. wakaka

chowchow7 said...

he really eating machine~
scares us!!!!@@

applefish said...

Cool..looks like lots of activities about FOOD in kl recently :)

Will said...

fulamak...datang sunway tak ajak!

chowchow7 said...

applefish:yah~i didn't know kl got so many opportunity and activities on FOOD oso...not till i discovered and joined during my study week~cun concentrate on my study now~(><)

blackie:i "heard" dat people exam mah!how on earth i dare 2ajak...next time sure call u....prepare ur tummy yah...=P

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