Saturday, November 19

Salad Bowl Restaurant


here you get 
coffee house

you think they serves just salad???

***It has been 20 years and they still remained the same no matter the deco or the food.*** 
Last time, they used to have a train themed for people to dine in.
 But for safety wise, they took it off and make the floor flat now. unfortunate is dat!(>.<)o

such a pleasure to get an invite from sister POH OON to have a nice lunch session there
1st and foremost i haven't heard about this restaurant before
 and rarely heard bout it from any of the bloggers out there
and it is located in the middle of a rows of old shop lots..
so i believe not many people discovered bout this nice comfy place for dining out!
and believe me or not!
the environment is killin romantic and the food is exactly my taste...
define urself there!(^~^)o 

 the entrance 
 hidden gem behind the door...

very ancient door handle...

the interior...

i love the kind of dim light....

and a small bar full with colorful bulbs and grape decors...

with their tall bar chairs... 

but im kinda curious hahahah because there is no other customer around other than us....
and the time is at around 2pm....
hahahahah~~~~guess we'd booked the whole restaurant!!
after browsing through the menu
ala carte..lamb shanks..noodle...rice...sandwiches...
ohh gosh!!split~~(@o@)~  
we decided to order a set lunch each
coz we were starving for having a late lunch..
here's our set which comes with
soup_bread_butter_main course_coffee/tea_ice-cream
(excluded) 6% service charge
(i wonder can return as i din use it) RM0.40 for hand towel
lots of mushroom chunks in it!!! 
the mushroom soup is just nice when it's hot
but i notice when i cool it aside for sometime, 
the texture started to get thick...
better finish it when they serve it hot!
 to eat with the bread~
each for 1set

 this bread might look simple but it has inner beauty 
which you will noe once given a bite for it!!!
it's very fluffy inside and a tiny little bit of crunch for the outer of the bread 
as it tasted like juz out of the oven! 
eat it hot with butter spread
and try dunk it into mushroom soup!!!
that's my way of having it~emm emm!!!!=P

[from left: potato slices, special mayonnaise, half egg]
[centre: chicken slices and ham]    
this is my order
i tot this is something like caesar salad or garden salad with small chunks of ham mixing around with vege
im wrong!!!!!
look at the portion of this SALAD
it's HUGE enough for two!!!
i mean gurlsss la....
but ALERT!!!!
nothing hot here...
coz it indicates"COLD MEAT"...
not bad for a 1st try!!!!(^^)

 it comes with tomato slices and mix marinated vege up there
soury and a hint of  spice tasted bit like kimchi..
very appetizing!!! =)

 this is sister POH OON's....
another huge portion....
knife into the eggy and you'll find chunks of ham...
if you don't like egg
don't order this!i guess they use 2eggs for this omelette...

 from left: a scope of chocolate and vanilla with nutty chunks

a small cup of coffee 

This is my 1st photo with sister POH OON before i leave bukit mertajam 
it's been five and a half years time studying at a deserted area of bukit mertajam-mengkuang
but luckily i met a bunch of sisters and brothers in christ here which helps me undergone lots of circumstances here...and she's 1of them although i get 2noe her very last minute...

the clown 

4623, Jalan Chainferry Complex,
12100 Butterworth

Contact no:


applefish said...

how was the food?

~ Shui Jin Jin ~ said...


FiSh said...

salad bowl coffee house doesnt sell salad one? ><

chowchow7 said...

applefish:great!i love it~u can checkout my comments up fact my fren recommends as she went there during her childhood time!still good...

shui jin jin:是咯~附近的店旧旧的不起眼。。没想到里边。。世外桃源!哈。。

fiSh:yah they sell!but in my perception salad is zhapbalang big big meat 1...d specialty of their salad bowl~
mayb they use the name but they got other stuff as well....kinda interesting but prepare for the big portion!!^^

Nikel Khor said...

Salad not my Favorited lor.. wahaa

chowchow7 said...

nono!!!!it's not juz a bout salad....dun get misunderstood by it's name....salad is juz part of has great main course there...and noodles and stuff...hahaha nikel i guess u din read my post carefully....XP

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