Sunday, November 27

Restoran Nelayan Terapung (ala Kampung)

checkout this if you love to tryout malay food and specifically 
"Kari Ikan Sembilang and Bawal Goreng Panas"

it's all way up north..
located at bagan dalam,butterworth
this is another hidden gem called
thanks to SUSAN for suggesting this place to me
it's nice for photographers and foodies out there!!
i love the fishers village scenery of the restaurant...
  it's like a fisherman port right beside the restaurant...
the lane is in wooden and it reminds me of CHEW JETTY in penang island...

"belok masuk apabila anda lihat papan ini!!!"

"menu di situ....mai lihat!!"

Restoran Ala KAmpung 
penuh ngan papan dan kayu....

lantai....tiang....semua kayu


you can reserve for function or catering or any event....

the combination of this is kinda interesting!
some special sauce to dip with...

Pedas dan Lazat....!!

you will not noe Malay Food if you never taste this...
this is not ordinary leaves
they are called ULAM

Curry Fish

i find this superb appetizing
coriander leaves+onion slice+pineapple+spices
[sweet sour taste with a hint of spiciness]

this is a full set of  your complete lunch!!!!o(^o^)o

[mother of two....looking young rit?my church member who loves photography juz like me]

crispy fried BAWAL...
RM6++(included drinks)

self mix n match sauce!!

limau ais

My Plate

tender and taste fantastic as they marinate the lamb well!! 
the rich taste of herbs and sauce together will the tenderness of Lamb! u need is to pair it with a plate of white rice~~

a short and sweet lunch with SUSAN...
guess this is our 1st photo together before i leave Penang...

after eating session...
now lets head to the photography session of the 
"life of Fishers Village"....

MR. Fisherman....

wow....big big fish....
i love fishing but never get a chance to...
hmmmm....mayb someday....

Mr Fisherman taken place as Photographer....XP

weeeeee..................happie day!!


Operation Time:

TBP 4309,
Balai Nelayan Ujong Batu Bagan Dalam,
12100 Butterworth, Penang.

Contact no:
04-331 7484


Nikel Khor said...

Look good.. this restaurant is hidden up? keke.. i didnt know..

chowchow7 said...

yah nikel~very much hidden up i would say...
n you will not spot it easily as you need to go in depth after you see the sign by the roadside...mayb GPS will help...^^
not bad for some wedding pic there!
nice scenery,i wonder they have dinner....

Jean said...

looks like a place where I had seafood in Melaka.. I shall try this when I go Penang the next time..

chowchow7 said...

wooo~~~really?did u blog bout it can link here?

anyways thanks for dropping by Jean...:D

gill gill said...

coincidentally we went to this place yesterday! indeed a good place for Halal Lunch! taste good too :)

chowchow7 said...

hello gill....happie to hear ur share here...yah miss the place n good food in in kl now =D

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