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Special Cafe & Restaurant Around The World

this is my version of SPECIAL CAFE &RESTAURANT around the world after some survey from the net....=]

1)Pop-Up restaurant 

with secret location in the historical Italian town Ferrara. SMS reservation. Table will pop-up, and dinner served at some attractive city location, that would be made known via SMS one hour ahead of time

Dine 16 feet below sea level at Ithaa, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island's unique undersea restaurant. Marvel at 180° views of reef and marine life, sip champagne cocktails and sample Maldivian-Western fusion cuisine at this spectacular Maldives venue – the world's first all-glass, undersea restaurant. Advance reservations are recommended. Please contact the resort to make a booking up to 14 days prior to arrival. We regret we cannot accept dinner reservations for children under the age of 12. Please note that the menu is seasonal and subject to change.

3) Robot-Staffed Restaurant – Nuremburg, Germany

 Image via Gizmodo

Cut out waitstaff altogether, relying on robots instead. Alas, they weren’t walking, talking robots wearing aprons or anything really fun like that. Rather, it was centered around automation – customers ordered via touch screens, and moments later the food traveled to their tables on a spiral slide. It might have saved diners money on tips, but apparently the concept didn’t go over too well, as the restaurant was not open long.

in the Ginza section of Tokyo, where the interior is almost entirely blood red. Guests are ushered down a long hallway with red blood cells superimposed on the floor. Inside, the décor includes heavy velvet drapes, black coffins dripping with red candle wax, skulls and crosses. Many of the meals are vampire-themed, and diners drink red cocktails from martini glasses.

5) Teddy's Kitchen 

this is a western restaurant decorated with teddy bears, from the door of the store brand, to the hall murals, table paper, napkins, cutlery and both are teddy bears LOGO, as if people exposure to teddy bears in the park. Teddy's Kitchen Main Western, accompanied by salad, coffee, drinks, etc., allows you to enjoy the food surrounded by teddy bears. Teddy kitchen specially invited Wuhan star chef, the Italian gourmet tastes with a combination of local Wuhan, create their own multi-channel fine hot dishes. In addition, there can only enjoy the star of Italian lasagna, and a unique fresh fruit sundae, Teddy lover, Gabriel milk wine and other desserts. Restaurant environment, fashion, cute, easy, you can see the patterns and genuine Teddy Bear teddy bears, people like being in a cartoon world of childlike; fine tableware, soft light, melodious music, restaurants, creating a the elegant and romantic at the same time the unique atmosphere of a relaxed yet stylish setting for you and your family, friends, bring a different experience.

look at all the teddies!!!!^^

Taiwan im coming!!!!=D

By making a reservation, you can guarantee you and up to 21 guests the dining experience of an extremely bizarre lifetime. At the appointed date, a Belgian crane will come and hoist your table, seats, waiters and even an entertainer into the air for a two-hour meal. The food is exceptional, and the entertainment consists of a man on all fours clutching at the ground and weeping until you are once again lowered.
With Dinner In The Sky, you will truly experience all the labia-clenching terror that height has to offer. Your seats are groundless, leaving your legs dangling in the breeze, a testament to mans refusal to not do crazy things that affront God. You are harnessed in however, so diners should be sure to evacuate their bowels before boarding, or else risk giving someone below the worst day of their lives.
At 130 feet in the air, depending on your location, you can expect wind, fog, rain, and low flying birds to add a healthy sense of atmos-fear to your meal. And if by chance a romantic thunderstorm should swell, rest assured that you are fastened to a 130 foot-tall metal rod.

7) Car Themed bar&restaurant

V1 Concept Bar & Restaurant

The concept of V1 is all about sports cars. They are the first sports car theme restaurant with unique dining atmosphere. 

The good news is this is in Malaysia!!!!^^

ok...after this post the clown gotta focus on her study dy...exam @@.....
(photo taken from the net)
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