Monday, November 28

[1st portrait] Devil Ying

my 1st trial on portrait shooting....
i don't have my own DSLR
and definitely not a pro!
but i was lucky to have friends around who are willing to lend me theirs from time to time...
thanks to kinkeet for lending me his panasOnic DMC-FZ30
and i invited my friend Jia Ying aka. Devil Ying to be my 1st ever model...
and there were 2 photographers with me dat dae
considered as "my seniors" (chee wai and shuching) in photo-shooting
the only gadget with me is my best and loyal friend K800i!!!(^3^)o
since we were in Penang 
so we chose area around Penang Heritage as our setting!
it's well known for it has many good spots for photo shooting....
this is the 1st time for our model (Devil Ying) too...
so she's kinda nervous and excited!!!^^
have a PEEK on wutss happening here....XP 
[eeeee....hate her..!she got dimple on her cheek!]

 [Monday Blue]

 [in between the Shadow]

[got lost in the City]

 [the smile of a Devil]

 [what is your style?]

 [hiding from someone]

[the heritage from my lenses] 


 [i love RED]

we walk in order to find some uncovered and hidden place for photo shooting 
and to our surprise we found an abandoned  factory for our next setting....
i love the WALL!!!^^

 [checking on ME]

 [the begin of FEEL]



[LOVE from me to you]

-the end-

my reflection:
it's not easy to capture the best moment and expression from the model 
especially when it comes to NATURAL..
i need a theme next time
i need some probs for my model next time
i need more creative angle
i know there are lots of improvement to do
please drop me a comment or suggestion or anything...
 no worries on good or bad!

if you interested to be my model 
or photoshooting for any event 
or simply juz an outing for shooting 
please contact me here:


Nana Eddy said...

not bad. not bad at all! Keeep it up :)

CleverMunkey ® said...

quite nice... good composition but if the editing can make it a lil bit softer than the feel would be nicer :)

FiSh said...

woah photoshoot time? next time i want also :D


chowchow7 said...

thanks nana eddy~thanks for the courage...=D

clevermunkey:[take it]=P yah my fren oso comments on dat~need more polish on tat...too greedy on colour...XP

FiSh:interested to b my model sumday?wait me buy a camera 1st=P

折翼天使 said...

reserve for me la..XP

chowchow7 said...

now here's d model!
ayer tawar gurl!!!owaz owaz...mayb ur big dae...=P go practice practice...XD

折翼天使 said...

my big day?birthday izt...lolz..for sure wil invite u.wahaha!!

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