Tuesday, October 4

reflection before,when,after Action Research Presentation

i survive i survive i survive!!!!!!!!
d moment i finish my "SEKIAN TERIMA KASIH~"
i could put lil smile on my face(^~^)/
i really had d feel of graduation todae...
and to jump up and shout "I DID IT!!!!"
but then i kept it deep in me becoz i knew dat
my fellow frens are still waiting for their queue to stand in the front line of the battle field of our Action Research Presentation which was officially on-going todae...
yesterday was juz d most tension nite dat i ever gone through
d minute after i bac from our "N.O.I.S.E" performance for music concert
i could feel d tense juz in my throat and
seems like something stucking in my lung n blocking my respiratory system...
now i could juz understand why they said there is butterfly in my stomach as
i could really feel something flapping with wings all over my stomach from time to time
juz finding their ways to fly out,,,
is this the meaning of "NERVOUS"?????
i believe so!!!!!(>_<..)
the main reason for my nervousness is dat im d 1st person to be the opening of entire Action Research Presentation for our Music class
secondly,Presentation/Public Speaking/etc....seriously not my cup of tea...
i muz admit dat im a back stage person...standing infront n sumore need to talk n explain will kill me...
i rather perform in piano playing 100 times rather than speaking 20minutes in front of public!!!imagine~
NEVER!!!!but too bad...i have to...
the nite before my presentation, i browse through my slides and imagine the flow of my presentation.
i even come out with a script on wutt 2 say and my link from 1 slide to another....
while prepare~i could feel acid spreading out from part of my internal body...still nervousness kills me...
i pray to GOD as i look at my previous history of presentation
it wasn't dat good....i will jam n "kek" n wutt ever.....juz blank in my mind when standing infront...
havin a bad instinct towards 2morrow's presentation..gosh~
no need to mention bout appetite...those butterfly saved my dinner....(=.=..)
here i wanna thank my roomate...Nancy for her guide in my pre-presentation nite
she act as my panel durin the nite and put a timer on me for 20minutes
i was overly phobia even juz 1person penalizing me...
imagine 2moro...sure i'll "lai si" in front of so many eyes...consist of 2 panel, my music lecturers, my course mates and mayb some juniors...hell~~~!!!(T_T)o
she corrected my mistakes and those "mayb kena shoot" part to lower my possibilities kena shoot
i cun sleep well d whole nite...practicing my flow n my talk on my presentation slide
over and over again.....till i can memorize d flow in my mind...
tis morning woke up around 5am
but i guess d butterfly overnite in my stomach
thus i practice again to make sure i don jumble up my points or make d panel confuse
d stress point hit to d max and i ate some leftover mooncake to calm myself down wit a hint of sweetness from it...(too bad no chocolate...)
my face pale...my lips dryout...the stupid butterfly still cun find their way out!!!
after d opening ceremony in Kirkby hall, d clock strike 9am sharp and i speed up my pace towards the room which full of GUNssssssss(f16....etc)
ready my NEC...shivering cold hands...my classmates 8PISMP-MU and one of the panel Mr. Raja standing before me...
having a glance through, i see yeeming giving me a wink of smiley face....nancy showing her support with her hand sign language while xueli siting on her "DING ding" place....(she is d TIMER of dae)
she even "ding" the bell for me to get immune of it so dat d sound won't frightened me later in my presentation....
thanksss guys.....it does soothes me and calm me down....
now im done but they haven....v should all b putting a SMILEY face v soon!!!!
yee ming n me down left nan.xmin.xueli for member of "N.O.I.S.E"
jia you my frenss....jia you 8PISMP-MU and everyone!!!

sales girl infront...

1st dae of AR Presentation done!
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