Wednesday, October 19

Groupon MANHATTAN deal

i guess u guys will b familiar wit all sorts of online voucher purchase and deals such as 
so on so forth
but i wonder is it really a good deal?
i mean mayb they mark d actual price higher then i might seems a big reduction on price??? 
hahahaha.....i might sounds worried too much
but nothing wrong to have a try right?
never try never know...^^
here's d deal my roomate bought from
after a tedious n hectic n suffering time in this last sem in college life....
i was extremely excited for this as for long i din really treat myself "ho liao"
because biscuits have been my dinner for almost everynite....
sick of it!!!!

instead of 2 people
we shared our GIANT platter among 4 
and to our surprise
the portion was juz nice
and v were really fUUUUUUUUUULL...
really DAI!!!!!!
which means RM8.10 per person
v went sunway carnival for it's d nearest for people dat has no transport like us...
the menu was here but v didnt even browse through it
coz clearly....
we came juz for our DEAL!!!!!
hand over our self-printed voucher...

FOOD can really put a smile on our face....
PUASA d whole morning juz for this...
nan n xmin

ming n me

it's quite heavy to hold it!!!!@@

of course
how can v carve this without their saucessss
it came with sets of 4
sweet n sour thai

ok without d wait animore
we gladly invited guest xmin 
to have a MANHATTAN opening ceremony>>>>
squeezing d lemon
makes me salivates!!!!!

here's d picture in the GROUPON deal..

and here's d real picture taken by me
okla no big difference....:)
and so
the GIANT platter
in our tummy....
encuse me....(@^^@)y

i would say this is a good deal!!!!=]


bendan said...

Hahaha!! Makes me starving already. XD

chowchow7 said...

it's yummilicious....
do checkout d deal from time 2time...
u'll get something worth it!!!!^^

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