Sunday, October 2

Bikkuri Station

We at Bikkuri Station provide you the Oriental Sweets and Desserts. Our signature ingredient for our desserts are Yummy Taro Balls which are made from fresh ingredients delivered directly from the organic farm.
Opens on Sunday-Thursday 12.00pm-11.00pm, Friday & Saturday 12.00pm-12.00am
come here.....!:)
1st...i dunno whether any plagiarism 
because i dunno which 1 comes 1st
but this is something like "Snowflake-taiwan"'s a bukit mertajam version"BIKKURI STATION-japanese"~
define urself!!!!!!

Bikkuri Station is located near Old Town Kopitiam
juz beside D' String Cafe

their philosophy....

the theme of Bikkuri Station
juz like in a train station...
not bad!

catchy japanese wallpaper comic
it seems like you are landing urself in tokyo...

and i got to say
i lurve their chair!!!!!!!!!!!
very hole in cheese~~~(^.<)y

get urself an order here....
for more info of their menu,
click on the facebook link at d end of my post~thx ^^

look at this~~~
familiar rite???
after having ur order, u'll received this
is juz like the "UFO" for snowflake.....
same concept~
this gadget will blink once ur order ready....

so while waiting have some cam-whore moment with my kl-gang
noted!!![we are in penang now~!] 
5and a half years friendship here...
xmin and Nan aka. my roomate

yeeming aka my sis in christ, xmin & nan
these gals appeared several times in my blog dy..haha =]
hope they won't complaint dat i owaz post their ugly pic dy....
coz they r sweet and sometimes juz tat my angle & phone quality problem....XP

this is wutt v order
and to b honest
the overall taste is ok
juz tat d red bean is not mashed and soft enuff
d ice is a bit rough
if compared wit snowflake~
but i would say dat d price is definitely cheaper for Bikkuri dessert....
(got tis picture from their site)

豆浆冰 Set 1 仙草冻 + QQ圆 + 红豆
Grass Jelly + QQ Ball + Red Bean


erm~wutt i want to say is money wise i'll go to bikkuri
taste wise i'll go for snowflake
tat's for todae....
nan & clown


No 11, Lorong Maju Utama 2, Pusat Perniagaan Maju Utama, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia


GenYong said...

Yo! I love the blog post which recommends good food again! It looks so tasty... hahaa! I like the Red Bean which full of colourful... Good xD!

chowchow7 said...

thanks 4d compliment gen yong....
since u r oso penang lang mayb u can try dropby bukit mertajam for some chewy tasty cooling dessert here....

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