Saturday, September 17

sakae sakae :P

it was malaysian day
for me i can't smell d national day
for wutt i can smell is only FOOOOOD
coz i dy "wutt ju...wutt ju" whole day in hostel dy
i can omost eat people dy~~~~
break the fast wit wanfei senior @ 
penang seberang perai's sunway carnival
i guess my last visit is about 3years ago....
so far my top list in sushi category..
because its CUTE wit greeny froggy
and it offers a variety of sushi n rice n ramen n ......
okok cut short!!!!im hungry~~~~~~~~~   
 let's browse through the menu...
=food menu=

 how posey is d froggy(the "ambassador" of sakae)
=beverage menu=

 it's having a peek on me!!!

 bottomless green tea

 fragrant tissue
not sure whether they charge this 
so i din use it....XP

the great thing bout Sakae is dat u can order food 
by juz clicking on d monitor beside ur table
this can save plenty of time waiting for the waiter 2serve u....

the must combination!!!!!
soya sauce+wasabi
trust me...

here's d MAKIMONO 卷物 section>>>

 guess there is no need for me to explain anything here....
try wit gutsss!!!!!
there are plenty...

 Unagi Don
eel plus rice
(which taste better than mine)
cun remember...=P

Teriyaki Chicken Ramen
basically is juz ramen seaweed abit vege and d chicken is tasteless 
i tot they got some teriyaki sauce wit d chicken
i won't go for this next time

the bill:
rm60++16% tax/service charge
im broke...X(

 she's camera shy....

such coincident there is a performance set up here
by some music center..

go findout this~~~
good stuff!!!!!

now im too full pulak~@@

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