Sunday, September 18

SMel's Cafe

sorry for d picture quality...
it's done by my small small k800i...
discovered a cafe @ taman chai leng park
you couldn't be a stranger for this place if you are a food hunter
"chai leng park" well known for street food itself
but did you notice dat there is a new western cafe around d corner??
it's not really new lar as it's already 5 or 6months old...
since April 2011... 
i would recommend this place 
for the price of their food is not too high
because normally savoring western food will end up
a hole in your pocket~!ha...
not bad still within clown's budget  

let's have a loook at the outer of SMel's cafe.....

big tree trunk
very jungle and nature kinda feel
but im not sure got any mosquitoes out there...XP

a hint of BALI taste perhaps?..

now here's d interior...
a cozy place...
thumbs up for d design of every part of their cafe~=]

look at d curve~!!!love it....
juz dat this cafe has a small capacity~
small n worries
but if got live band better...^^

time for dining~!

a bit disappointed wit this
it says mix fruit juice 
so i tot it will b a mixture of freshly blended fruit juice 
but it turns out something like "twister" from bottle...
but sure i cannot blame them coz d price doesn't entitled me to get some fresh juice lor...^^

soup of the dae~
obviously everyday different...
thumbs thumbs up!!!!^O^
it serves with crunchy garlic french toast~
carrot ginger soup
the texture is like mushroom soup

sorry i fogot d name 
something like mexica chicken chop
d taste is still ok...but my fren complain dat d sauce topping is a bit cold....

black pepper sauce chicken chop

so this is just my 1st visit...
come tryout urself n exchange ur opinion wit me perhaps?
enjoy ur dae...=]


20 Lebuhraya Kurau,Taman Chai Leng
PeraiPulau Pinang 13700

016-400 0545
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