Saturday, September 10

i ♥ beat

ever think of hitting something whenever you feel stress up?
yah...but we music teachers turn d table over for some untune music
heard of NANTA?
Nanta (Korean난타) is a popular South Korea and the northn musical. In English the show is also known as "Cookin'". It premiered in October 1997 in Hoam Art Hall in Seoul.
of course ours can't compared wit NANTA 
but d concept is d same~

its a performance for our retired lecturer from Jabatan Kemahiran Hidup 
and so we come out with this idea
"tools percussion"
rehearse for 1 time and we give it a shot!
so juz some simple beat pattern....
[accidentally found this clip after sometime] 
psss: im d 2nd from left...

enjoy the beat~=P


Miss U said...

i watched this Nanta show. it is a 1 n half hour show. has a story line. beating those kitchen tools and plus alot of dance. really very nice show..

chowchow7 said...

wow....u2 love it?^^
but hardly 2find ppl to do dat 2gether/...=P

Miss U said...

ya ya.. love it too.. feel so so at first.. but after watched whole show, feel really awesome.. haha~
same feeling with u.. not everyone willing to do this.. huhu..

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