Friday, August 12

TEACHER YIN's handmade teaching aids

teaching is easy?
think again..
this is a share tat v teacher need some preparation
before having a class regardless of wutt topic and d duration~~~~~
teaching aids is a MUST!!!

these are part of my DIY teaching aids
during my practicum season....
i got my midnite oil burnt not because of making it but to get d idea of doing it....@@

note naming on keyboard
(to teach them recognize notes on keyboard)

note naming on recoder
(to teach them d notes and fingering for playing recoder)

staves/5 ledger lines
(for multipurpose)

(to create sound imitation+body percussion)
it comes wit
a Dice
(student will hav to roll d dice
and it decides on which picture they need to do)

teaching of Italian terms ALLEGRO and ADAGIO

card version of ALLEGRO & ADAGIO
(i used it for game time too...XD)

recoder fingering exercise chart+solfege(do,re,mi,fa,so)
my way of teaching new songs....
ensemble playing version
"when the saints go marching in"


lyric singing version
"when the saints go marching in"

recoder score
"Ode To Joy"

teaches English too...
puppet show wit my animal sound imitation

role play cap for my angel student

TEACHER YIN modified version of
"snake and ladder"
which comes wit
a dice too....
(hahaaa....a versatile dice for music and english activity)

my baby Octopus-
student learn their language by step by step instruction of making this craft
(inspired by world cup's RIP Paul d OctopuS)

[i believe u guys out there has loads more creative idea on share about]

im looking forward for an interesting teaching method in future...
good luck to all teachers out there....=)


Will said...

I saw real passion in this one.
Hope u can keep the passion till u retire la =)

chowchow7 said...

finger cross....
i was hoping tat oso...
no worries...for d sake of future generation..not d best but at least i try...^^

Anonymous said...

You are definitely a good teacher. Our next generation would be lucky if they have all teachers like you. May God keep you passion and support you along your journey of teaching.
- Steven See

chowchow7 said...

steven see!!
my guru in piano accompaniment playin~
thanks for ur compliment n ur encouraging words here....
i will try my best and wit d help of GOD's hand n share GOD's love wit my future kids... surprise to c u here...^^
do share ur playing from time 2time yah...cya...god bless^^

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