Friday, August 19

he is not just our lecturer he is our brother in Christ.....

As a christian,
we owaz share our ups n downs to each other
we have prayer together and many problematic stuff juz swash in tat particular sharing
of course v learn each other from there and there are no status among us
because we are all children of the one and truly GOD
i cherish the sharing moment with brothers and sisters in Christ
my favourite part is to listen to others testimonial...
im proud to say tat im not a gOOd speaker
im definitely a gOOd listener.....XP
our sharing place>>>>
it is a common n familiar cafe...
so nothing special for me to say
our organizer
miss gabriel aka. wanfei
she's our senior teacher which graduated last year and she's currently teaching in JITSIN(A) primary located in bukit mertajam
a nice n loving senior from sungai petani, Kedah
she might look serious here but once u click on wit her,
u'll c true funkiness in her...XD
brother STEVEN aka. mr. steven
i call him "brother" instead of "mr" here because v use to address him "mr steven" as he is our music lecturer...
he's a guitar prodigy who went to US for his dream and he made it...
he shared lots of his testimonial in doing GOD's ministry and through the hardship miracles happened especially on his family and his eldest daughter who got PhD. recently at d age of 28!!!how young to get tat title right?
i saw GOD's love in brother Steven's eyes and you could really feel d rejoice and peace in him when he's sharing his Christianity path wit us...and to my surprise he is not born from a Christian family....blessed~^^
as in fact...d 1st kid who got into any of d religion other than their ancestor's believes will faced a decades of circumstances and lots of objection by one's family...
they struggle but a true GOD will worries~=]
d menu of OLD TOWN is juz as old as d name...

D' fOOd
a bit comment here
i wouldn't suggest to really dine here
cause the value of food doesn't match wit the quality and taste
actually im bit bit disappointed...
u might tryout their coffee instead of their proper meal
white coffee,toasted bread and stuff would b their SIGNATURE...
take opinion lar...(^^)v
forgot 2ask d name of tis from wanfei senior~~...=P
something like chicken chop rice
which comes with friesssss.....
no comment coz im not a fans of friesssss.....;)
this is my dissapointing dish
rm9(plus tax) DRY "CURRY" WANTAN noodle....
u noe why i put inverted on d word "curry"???
coz i cun see any curry here....
its like normal wantan mee wit a bit of chicken slices and 3cubes of potato scattered in a mess ontop of it...
this picture is to show tat d sincerity in food preparing
how u gonna rate this?
MENU picture is always different from d reality 1....
i "found" my curry when i fork into it but
its more or less curry oil than d thick curry kuah where i expected it to be...
and with tis it came wit tis....
fried wanton soup
i prefer d usual non fried wanton because d outer part lost it's crisps wit d soup
as result i prefer those wantan mee from hawker by roadside or those in lorong-lorong 1..
rm8(plus tax)
i believe d word IPOH giving u a hint tat eat this oni in IPOH
so cut short...
another disappointment
the food so so...
but d sharing so so so good....^^
another blessed day by GOD....

Old town bukit mertajam~

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