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Buy 1 Free 1 Sunday Brunch Buffet "Spice Market Cafe" @ Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort And Spa, Batu Ferringhi Penang

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SAYANG sekali if u din get d chance to RASA d food!!!!!!!!!!!
"Spice Market Cafe"
Shangri-La's Rasa SAyang Resort&Spa, Batu Ferringhi Penang 
they are having a 

The Spice Market Café 
An informal buffet-style restaurant that offers authentic cuisines from diverse cultures that reflect Penang's heritage as a cultural crossroads: Chinese, Indian, Nyonya-Baba, Japanese, Thai, Western and international. 

you'll spot these just beside the main entrance of Spice Market Cafe

"BECA" in malay

The Spice Boutique
At the entrance to the café you'll find the Spice Boutique, where you can learn about and purchase some of the most exotic spices in Asia. The boutique features over 100 varieties of dried herbs and spices, with varieties of curry powders and other ingredients for you to take home.

Besides FOOD,
Spice Market Cafe is just like a small museum to me... 
spot it wise and u'll notice d mix-culture here...
which is 
perhaps BABA&NYONYA as well!!!^^
this is definitely a good strategy of them in promoting our culture of
to people of the world~

The Interior of Dining Area(Indoor versus Outdoor)
Dining indoors in the air-conditioned dining room, you may enjoy the view of their kitchen theaters in which their chefs prepare the dishes that have been ordered.

nice MALAY traditional wear of one of their waitress~~

Outside Dining Area:
Guests dining outside are cooled by sea breezes. Outdoor seats are also available at special timber decks overlooking the sandy expanse of Batu Feringgi Beach.

 The café is right beside the unique free-form swimming pools, under a canopy of century-old rain trees that echo with the delightful sounds of chirping tropical birds.

The Food
Enjoy a sumptuous spread of Chinese, Indian, Western, Japanese and Malaysian favourites, plus up to 30 mouth-watering desserts. This heavenly buffet also features a wide selection of salads, vegetable antipasto, cold cuts, carvery delights and a ‘live’ cooking station. Culinary highlights include delectable offerings of sushi, sashimi, prawns, yabbies, crabs, scallops, meat dishes, freshly hand-pulled noodles and more prepared in various ways to whet diners’ appetite.

Now!!!!!!Let us play by SECTIONS.....(^~^)o


from top left(clockwise): Oyster,Scallop,Prawns,Yabbies

 d freshness and juiciness of Oyster partnering with lemon wedges
Chew on it~~they are GREATLY fresh!!!!^^
perfect match i would say... 

Malay Hot & Sour Fish Soup

they serve their rice traditionally with banana leaves...
nice authentic KAMPUNG feel!!!!=)

 fried egg noodles with vegetables
they put a (V) symbol for VEGETARIAN

 Potato Goreng Berempah

Beef Rendang

Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Malay Spices

100% served HOT and handmade!!!!!!!!!!!!
d steam make my DSLR lenses got blur @@

 spOtted THIS!!!!!!!!
my favourite!!!
usually we serve these guys up there with porridge..for their strong taste!!
from bottom to the top: Fermented bean curd or  in chinese, the flavor is salty with mild sweetness, canned peanuts, marinated vege
  a taste of CHINESE CULTURE!!!!love it love it......

 kudosss for the presentation of it...!!!
Vegetable Parcelsin Spring Roll Skin

mix vege in their traditionally Oyster Sauce....
well known for Chinese Cuisine~^^



Do not worry bout d guilt of carving this 
as u can see d FATs are dripping away!!!!!!^O^


plain white rice?????
certainly not!!!!!!!
this is their 
(got caught by its fragrance from d mixture of Indian herbs) 

 eat it with this SUPERB TANDOOR!!!!!
 with the SIDES.......





colourful SHUSHI (^~^)

it's a pretty lovely WASABI....

the representatives of WESTERN

SAY CHEESE and bread !!!^________^

the sides which go along with your CheeZy.....XP 

how bout some frenCh bread?

see how popular is the bread!!!!

GURLSsSSSSssss out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
prepare for this breathtaking path........=P

on your own flavour.....

 own toppings....

wutts your choice for d coat of this tall Choco Fountain??
my vote goes to MARSHMALLOW...^^
coz i love d chocolate coates to go with the softness of marshmallow....
i guess d picture will tell you the taste~
enjoy d taste with SIGHT.....^^

 The Unique of "SPICE MARKET CAFE"
"They got a theme!"
they have theme for each week of d brunch buffet
and this week is

 ohh...cun resists d mixture of spices...^^

em em...with sauce...=P

just tell the chef which part is your desire
he'll serve you with his good skill...!!!

"They got various sauces & spices!"

"They got an ACTION station!"
mission in action

"They cook in front of you!"

"They got a CLOWN!"
the cheeky CLOWN walkabout 
to cheer the guest regardless small and big kids....

"They got a birthday celebration!"
novelty birthday cake provided by "Spice Market Cafe" for any birthday celebration

"They got recognition by HACCP"
THE TRAFFIC LIGHT of fruit juice
 their fresh fruit juice from real juice!!!^^
my vote goes to guava!!!
THEY GOT recognition from 
"HACCP" which is
Principals of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Points
 can you notice the sticker tag on cut pineapple up there?
i interviewed d chef and he said once the fruit is cut,
they will stick a tag wit the date on that day to it 
and d fruit can only last 8hours long for freshness...

"They got 5 STARS"

"They got a service called BITE!"
from Chef LIM it's a concept to concern about customers need and be sensitive with the need of customer around and here i wanna thank JESSICA(an AUSSIE gurl if not mistaken) who worked in Shang for her help &concern towards me...Thank You Jess!!!superb service^^

"They got hygiene!"
they cover the food all the time....
and from the chef...they will make sure their food in 65 degree celcius to make sure d food to be serve warm  
Using the same slicer, knives and chopping boards for all raw and cooked food are also prohibited.

 it's all wrapped up nicely for hygiene purposes....thumbs up for this!!!!^^

 "Finger Boat"-combination of "limau and warm water"
for the dinners to wash their hand 

they wears glove when doing food preparation

"They got free WIFI!"
Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa offers free Wi-Fi
 and so do their "SPICE MARKET CAFE"
full Wi-Fi availability for the convenience of guests throughout the resort and in its fleet of limousines on a complimentary basis.
16 megabytes per second throughout the 30 acres of the resort and in all 304 guestrooms.

"Their got MOTO!" 
"we are family..."
an interview session were carried out for bloggers....
from left: western chef(Anthony)
japanese chef(Qamarul)
malay chef(Azhar)

thanks CHEF LIM for the Shangri-La tour 
last i end my dae wit head chef LIM....

Quick!!!!!!d buy 1free 1promotion gonna end soon!!!!

Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100, Penang. 
Phone Number: 
04- 888 8888
food and beverage center, EXT. 6430
Sunday Buffet Brunch Available Time
12pm - 3pm
Public Transport:
rapid bus 101 from weld quay to shangri-la "Spice Market Cafe"

for more information or any request juz drop me a chocolate...thanks^^
wanna thanks 2garden gourmet for giving me d opportunity for d food review as a newbie~^^


gill gill said...

Wah, very comprehensive article :)
keep it up! some of your photo layout very nice too

chowchow7 said...

thanks 4d compliment gill....thanks 4ur invite btw....=]

Thristhan said...

Wow, what a superb promo. Too bad I'm not in Penang :(

chowchow7 said...

hi thristan...as i noe this buffet will hav in various shangrila over msia...if hav i notify u next round..where u based btw...?^^

FiSh said...

so far i know that KL shangrila doesnt have such promo T_T


chowchow7 said...

ohhh...is it...hmmm....mayb they will have it in future aS there was a flow of crowd when i visited last time...amazingly yummy buffet!!!^^got 2try~

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