Friday, July 29

will my photos appear in the press???

another teacher leaving today.....
this is my 2nd time of snapping retirement pic @kwang hwa primary
its kinda challenging since d last 1...

Teacher yin(me)...Teacher ho(buddy HOTET)...retired discipline teacher
(i love this but still not very focus....due 2his fast moving steps)

its hard
i not use to this!!!!!!
school asset
(im lucky 2b d 1st 2use it)

i hav 2beat d rapid motion of the ending part
where the teacher will hav their memory lane walk
whic usually end up with blur or scattered scene
or kena blocked by a few angle and "HIGH" ppl infront of u..
kinda frustrated~
as this is a once in a lifetime moment...
missed it and u'll b the loser of it~!

tOday as usual i'll help the school to snap some memorable moments
juz for :miss lim

after the event
headmaster came to me n ask me to pick a few of my photo and email to a journalist from china press (if not mistaken...)
"the journalist cant manage to attend...."
i was thinking like~
wow...will my photo appear in press?
i hope i hope i hoope~~!
hmm....juz a small girl's reaction in mind and really hoping it will comes true
thou it might b juz a small column...

i muz admit im not a pro....juz a hobby
n so i'd chosen a few...
and sent~~~~~~
(juz some formal and expected angle from Chocography)
of course i didn't send this
d light from her candle had spoken
her spirit towards education remain burning

farewell miss LIM!!!
u've done a great job in TEACHING FIELD....
leave d rest to us as teacher trainees....
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