Thursday, April 7

keyboard whale

still remember d story of this board?
check tis out if u leftout d story:
it's d previously "USE US" post
this board is done by me....
as an order of a teacher
for a 顺便 reason...

to my surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she changed my idea n design into
i feel like a sucker helping her....
n yet now my tree trunk grew into a big tree...
"GREAT~~~~hahahahah......wat a joke!"(@@)


My Last Project work in Kwang Hua primary school....
"weee my teeth.....i ate lotss of sweets"

d music board is not enuff 2fit my whale...

now focus on training student for singing competition
battery low...


Will said...

I just read all ur link on the board thingy. That woman is too much.

What a way to protest. x on the mouth. LMAO!

i can't help but to imagine those students will start asking why the caterpillar's mouth sealed geh?? in a confused face.

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