Saturday, March 19

still fren...^^

as wutt i said in facebook...
"1st time step out of my house since my last sundae worship~imma' homegurl XP"

yah,it's been a week at home
n im quite enjoy my moment at home
i dun care pppl commented me
"wong min por"
haha~i juz love d feel of being at home...
actually 2moro im goin bac penang
n usually d dae b4 goin bac,
i won step my foot out!
coz i wil hav "pre-goin bac penang moodiness"
extremely no feel no mood nothing on tat dae
which is TODAE!!!!!!(>O<)

but 2dae i break d rules for
a long time no see fren...

ENTER d tortoise's mouth 2noe more

yah....i went to
TIMES again again n again~
n i saw nicole david's competition arena...
i din see her...juz d squash court
ever wonder how d shopping mall can fit a squash court,.
i need to come out more often..
if not i feel lik a caveman..

n here's d spectator...awsome rit??
too bad it opens to some vip people only i guess...
i can only see from bird's eye view
ok finish d bla bla part...


ages lost contact wit him
for some people,
i knew u'll laugh when reaching this part..
save ur smirk smile k~XD

erm...still d same old him
nothing much change since d last met..
still wit his sling
his spec
his 3:7 hairstyle
(okok...stop d comment):P

my first time here...
its located at LG of TIMES
erm...its like KIM GARY or WONGKOK lik tat lar..
d food $$$$$...
d taste...still ok....

u'll b served wit this d minute u seated
erm...its something sweet n sour...

my order pumpkin porridge:
i noe its a bit simple but this bowl costs much lor!!!!
rm10 something leh..d most expensive congee i ever tasted!
not bad!

his order:
dunno wut wut ribs dy...
d portion kinda small for guys...
hmmm....not worth~

im not tat kind of having expensive meal people...
sometimes to me, lorong lorong's food satisfied me more
coz its cheaper n more tasty~!^^
ohh~remember d tortoise ontop of my post juz now?'s a belated gift from him..
all d way from taiwan~
thanks's cute~XD

to share wit u guys...
this thing is very 神奇!!
it's a musical instrument....
something like recoder!
juz blow it...
got 6holes ontop of d tor's shell

say aHHHH~~~~XD cute!!!

how miracle!!!!! fingering practice sumore~~
gotta perform it later!hehehe....

p/s:ah nan~v can hav duett dy!!!!wait me practice....XP

thanks ah heong for d dae...
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