Wednesday, March 2

my last but not least birthdae in maktab....

im no more "sap bat yar yee" dy...
im "yar sam" now!!!!

my last but not least birthdae in maktab....
but im not even in maktab
since i had moved out of hostel life for a temporary time
joinin my church member for a 3months cave life~
so i guess this 23rd birthdae will b
but then....out of my expectation!!!!(^O^)/


i wish...i wish....
dunno wish wat coz everyone standing beside me~
*wishes wasted this year....*(YOY)/

~YOU YOU n' YOUR gift tO chOco~
greeny mOOmOO...
frm:buddy HOTET
(this is a meaningful gift, it's d first n last gift from him after knowing him for 5 n half years)

Beary photo album
frm: my dear senior sister JIA ROU+MATTHEW
(an ex-chiman senior which i love to tease her for fun!
i love to kacau her whenever i feel bored...somehow i noe u enjoy it!!right right?!)

craft puncher..she noes me love craft!!!:)
frm:ah nan, my roomate
(u win dy!d earliest gift i had received!hahahah)
to:"ah nan....thanks for being my ears and concern bout me from time to time...
u r juz like a caring sister!sorry for not being there this 3months..but it makes u guys miss me more rit?"XP

handmade photo memory!^^
frm:xiu xiu
(a "siao siao" jolly sis in christ of st.andrew church...
although it was a bit late for our friendship 2bloom here but its d quality of friendship tat counts rite?she's a caring sis s well~thanks...)

authentic stuff here...;)
frm:my "shoppin mate".. xmin
*or should i say im her shoppin mate..hahah coz i buy nothing~*
(last time i noe her bcoz of nan or ming...but now i noe her bcoz of her~
thanks 4being my 2nd time practicum partner...)

a "surprise cake"
(1stly...i like this cake very berry d muchieee!!!!choc mousse rit...2ndly...i guess no need say dy rit???XD)

biscuit n teh klasik
frm:king kong
(joggingmate!!!did u exercise 2dae????
yah juz like ur present wrapper said our friendship will go beyond time and spaces~
God bring us together n i appreciate our friendship...sister in christ!)

here's d parts n partial of my celebration
specially from them...
mr.cadmon...owner of d cave
picture tells~i was d victim for d "cream tradition"
but tis is no normal kind of cream...
it's batter actually...
butter+flour+water=no kidding hard batter!!!!
my hair gone ruin with d hard texture

THE CAVE FAMILY plus one Outsider...
cadmon.choco.sophia@d' cave

an "unbelievable" act from a lost friend but now was found!
she risked her life 2get here...
a map to my cave

till my church...
a cake of my favor~

a thumbs up plan from her

and without notice~~~~
while i was playing at church n here comes my cake...n oso birthdae song~
im nervous...everyone eye on me!

"gosh~~~it's all mine!chocolate!!!!!!can i choose not 2share??^^"

d best gift is d forgiveness of friendship!
im glad v both learned from it....:'')

there will b no fullstop in every friendship~

...thanks everyone for being in choco's life...

happie birthdae yin!!!


Piipy said...

i have waiting for tis article for soooo long..hahaha!finally~
happy birthday

chowchow7 said...

yalar...waiting for ur pic actually from my church member to complete my whole process of birthdae celeb!d full version***ha...
thanks...with tears...:P

折翼天使 said...

such a sweet sweet n warm warm bufdae celebration neh!!! jealous XD

chowchow7 said...

no need jealous...
i got a bunch of caring friends around n i believe u hav more!!

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