Thursday, March 17

chocolate molten lava cake

choco molten lava

"highly...strongly recommended magnificent recipe!!!!!"

especially for choc lovers out there!!!
as d title goes...
it'll burst like a volcano..
n ur mouth will b full of chocolate lava...
believe me!!!!
i would say this is a semi sweet recipe!
coz i hate overly sweet stuff!!! XP

im 80% satisfied wit d experiment of d dae...

my recipe:
[portion for 2]
2muffin cups
1 egg
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
3 tablespoon of flour
dark choc cubes
unsalted butter(ur own measurement, d level of moist)
icing sugar
a pinch of salt

my method:
(preheat ur oven)
1) melt unsalted butter and dark choc cubes in oven, place water underneath d bowl of ur choc n butter for d choc to stay glowy...

2) beat an egg with brown sugar....juz a while!!

3) pour mixture (1) into (2)...mix!!

4) sift flour, to make sure no lumps and into mixture (3) put in a pinch of salt...batter it!!!

5) rest batter (4) in fridge while u prepare d muffin cups...

6) rub some unsalted butter all over d muffin cup and pour some brown sugar in it to make a thin layer of sugar coated...a crispy coating!!=P

7) pour d batter evenly into d muffin cups and put it into d oven.(put water underneath ur muffin cup for a soft n moist effect)

8) bake for 220c in 14minutes

9) turn d muffin cups upside down 2 get ur outcome...

10) serve with yogurt which will b perfect combination of sweet n soury taste!!

***result might vary due to many aspects..***


muffin cups

dark choc cubes~unsalted butter


turn this upside down!

moist choc lava cake

powder it with icing sugar!

it melts in d center~im so happie with this!!!:)

chocolatie butterie taste of choc molten lava cake!!

oh yah!!!
n todae is HOTET's birthdae....
happie 23rd birthdae!!
a simple recipe dedication~\(^O^)/

i love bakery~
to b continue.....


折翼天使 said...

whn u wana bake one for me?? my bufdae coming soon huh!!! XP

Piipy said...

i want to learn this!!!looks nice!!haha
but lazy to jot face 2 face better,easier :D

chowchow7 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chowchow7 said...

devil ying:erm~~~i will only bake for special people oni worr...hahaha...but since u r ayer tawarian then consider special lah..^^ thinking of how to move my oven to hostel 1st..i scare d whole block ceria will explode!XD

pii:not only look nice~it taste heavenly...still got d volcano burst effect when i get it out of oven..juz tat my k8001 video really blur...cun record it...
no prob...juz find a dae :)

jasmiechuee said...

talk to me too!! hahaha!

chowchow7 said...

juz nudge me...^^

Angeline Ho said...

Hi there! It looks really nice! Just wanna know whats ur measurement of your muffin cup?

chowchow7 said...

hello angeline~
thanks 4d appreciation here...=)
i juz measure for u with my ruler...
it's roughly 6cm high~
try find from jusco or any bakers...
forgot where i bought it dy...

Tina said...

Happy birthday to Hotet-lucky to be the recipient of these delicious cakes. Those last two pictures are making me crave one-yum!

chowchow7 said...

thanks tina for the drop by...^^
you sure need to try out!fascinating and it's not overly sweet so...enjoy the lava burst in ur mouth!..
if you come malaysia let me noe~i made one for you....=)

Eftychia said...

What a delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing.

chowchow7 said...

Eftychia....u tried it?welcome...was planning to have more recipe soon...^^

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