Monday, March 14


its been a long long time i ever cried~
n i burst into tears juz now....
i held my action part back
because of d word RESPECT!
i tot those incident will only appear in movie
but i was wrong
i tot its not a big matter
but it really matters now
im seriously injured in d bottom of my heart
and its bleeding bleeding unstoppable~
i feel cold n im lack of energy and strength
it affects my mind of choosing which part of Malaysia im goin to be posted
seriously, and d decision where people think tat d path where happiness suppose to be
its a blind spot for me now!!
i makes me annoyed and im extremely petrified until now!
i told HER its not worth its not worth!!!!!!!
v hav d right!!!!!!!u have d right!!!!!! seems tat SHE had accept d fate ages ago
i will definitely reconsider a pile of things...
before i REGRET....

im sorry u had disappoint me...

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