Thursday, January 13

mengkuang dam photo session[DSLR]

"i believe i'll hav my OWN somedae"
tat's wutt i promise myself in my facebOOk status..
i mean DSLR!!!
MENGKUANG DAM located near my college
off we go~~~
quite a weird outing combination actually...
some with DSLR
some without
some borrowed...
my aim is to take phOtO!!! :)

all d pic below was taken by keet's DSLR..
d phOtographer was me~

here is my gang of d dae:
from left~
daviD..hOrse ma..small ChinG..kinG kOnG

my piCture@my anGle

topsy-turvy sPiderman

ChinG was taking this

spOtted by my perfeCt-visiOn =P
a cutey red dragOn fly...

d livinG n d Dead Oak tree

"d road taken"

my fiSh Of d' dae~^^
however....there's room for improvement!!

this Owl is an unexpected guest n jaCpot for my shOOtinG dae~
appeared somewhere outside male's doom...
a siCky one i bet!
poor fella~ :(

i love phOtographY (^~^)o
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