Thursday, January 27


she's d most tiny one among us~
cute but dangerously music talented ....XD

she loves tidy and neat~
d floor pretend as mirror because of her..

she can chat all dae long with her deary mom~
100% obedient daughter....


sincerely by............

Wednesday, January 26






Tuesday, January 25

my k880i...

it has been 5years since im using it....
i remember my papa bought it for me
d minute i step my foot in maktab...
since then i owaz snap picture wit it
i might not hav a pro lense like people...
a multifunctional digi cam...
but i love my sony ericsson k800i
especially its built-in cybershot....
n now im still loyal to it...
thanks 4d memory u left for me....

here's d unedited shot by my dear lil k800i....
u r still adorable 2me~XD

d dead...

d livin'.....

d green date n time freeze all my memory within a snap~

i love photography~



Saturday, January 22

funeral march

yah~quite sumtime i din appear to b here dy
wat a mess wat a poor dusty lil blog,,,,
even my coursemate ask...
"wui"...u din update ur blog?
too busy....way tooooo beezee~><
even now im muching biscuits while doing my thesis while writing my blog here....
i don understand why degree student need to do a problematic super duper silly thesis?
why we need to create a problem then find PPL for approval[proffesor...researchers..d he dunno u,u dunno him ppl]then get ammend by lecturer but at last considered pass pulak
bla bla blaaaa....forget bout it
i was drunk middle of d nite...

actually i juz bac from a funeral....
many memories flash bac
where i had some previous experience of my grandma's funeral
n something happened which affects my feel towards funeral...
im was patrify.....
truly...i dunno why but d feelin comes naturally!!!
i incharge of d playing juz now~
but d tense came in a sudden n those hymes infront of me appeared to b blank...
u wouldnt believe me....but u'll laugh at me when u see me on d spot!
like i suddenly dunno how to play d songs...
which normally im d pianist for sunday's worship~
gosh....i feel sorrow i feel sad i feel nervous i feel tension!!!
all mixup like iCe kacanG~~~~~~(O.O)o
glad i din messup my playin...
but anyhow....its my 1st time playing at a funeral...
i guess d church organ mood helps in soothing me n also d late's family member...
may GOD comfort her friends and family in d arm of GOD in heaven

Friday, January 14

blanko @@

aCtiOn researCh????

im sO blank now!
my mind is sO blanko!!!!
d starting of aCtion research for sem7~
is really a nightmare to me
1stly im blur bout proposal/action research/thesis
and words like tat....
people say must find a problem to b your topic 1st...
cut it off!cut it off!
seeing everyone started to workout something
and my nerves On~
i dunno where to start....
what to start...
oh my god PITY!!!!!!
suddenly this appear on my mind
"i dunn want to continue anymore..."

it's hard to graduate~

Thursday, January 13

mengkuang dam photo session[DSLR]

"i believe i'll hav my OWN somedae"
tat's wutt i promise myself in my facebOOk status..
i mean DSLR!!!
MENGKUANG DAM located near my college
off we go~~~
quite a weird outing combination actually...
some with DSLR
some without
some borrowed...
my aim is to take phOtO!!! :)

all d pic below was taken by keet's DSLR..
d phOtographer was me~

here is my gang of d dae:
from left~
daviD..hOrse ma..small ChinG..kinG kOnG

my piCture@my anGle

topsy-turvy sPiderman

ChinG was taking this

spOtted by my perfeCt-visiOn =P
a cutey red dragOn fly...

d livinG n d Dead Oak tree

"d road taken"

my fiSh Of d' dae~^^
however....there's room for improvement!!

this Owl is an unexpected guest n jaCpot for my shOOtinG dae~
appeared somewhere outside male's doom...
a siCky one i bet!
poor fella~ :(

i love phOtographY (^~^)o

Tuesday, January 11



~何德峰先生 2011年1月11日

Monday, January 10

oreo cuppy

oreo cuppy

a trial stage cuppy during my 2010 xmas holidae
my recipe juz manage to produce 5 "M"size cuppy
it's easy!!!!trust me... :)

50g unsalted butter
50g sugar
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
50g self raising flour/all purpose flour
8 pieces oreo

1) rest unsalted butter in room temperature for it to melt, mix in sugar and mix it!
2) beat d egg and mix in batter (1)
3)sift flour and baking powder then pour in crunched oreo into batter.Mix WELL!
4)preheat oven..pour d batter into cuppy..
5)bake wit 160 celcius for 15-20 minutes(might vary)
**hint:for better moist result, oven with warm water so tat d texture of cuppy would not b tat hard....

slightly different from my recipe
i use brown sugar
and cream-O

i use "hand mixer" coz i don hav a electronic mixer
but for better result use it!
d batter





i love bakery!!!^~^

Saturday, January 8

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