Thursday, November 11

marriage of 22 ♥


凯文 淑慧
tat's d story of them...

here's d story of me n my dear sister in christ...
ah hOOi!!!!
22years "sisterhood" in church
yah...from d minute v born
can i say tat she's my non-biological sister?!yup...without doubt..:)

v grew up together in Sri Rampai GraCe church
(both of us share d same surname 周)

v get into d same sunday school class since xxx never apart
(you owaz get owaz d 2nd...ish~)

v play alligator 2gether
(thou i owaz b the scary alligator bcoz im huge compared to any of the same age kids around me)
(so sad T.T coz u guys owaz call me monster since then...i oni BITES!!!)

v get trained to b church choir member
(and u owaz purposely sing MACHO-ly to entertain me...gosh u r so MAN)

v involved in christmas carolling almost each year
(i nearly caught fire because of ur candle of tat "SILENT NITE"!!!!!!)

v travel 2gether for our church camp
(sooo many memories.......)

v learned guitar together
(half way stop dy till now...both oso half water!!><)

v "fish" 2gether in church
(ohh no...forgive us, v juz upgraded to adult level at tat time...still new to SERMON)

v get baptised the same dae
(christmas!!!christmas!!!our favourite day~=P)

clockwise from top left:
1)baptised(she's d 1st coz d 3rd...sooo nervous!!)
2)church trip(guess me XP)
3)church camp again
4)at church(1st camwhore wit my k800i)


n she got married at d age of 22....
such a young couple!!!!


with pastor yap...

gosh~she's so busy with her business!!!
(talkin on d phone)


im one of her jimui
her pianist at church
and oso her photographer

**p/s: it was d time when i still hav my long hair...
now im short dy..**

morning look ^^y

okla...formal bit~~^^

her dressing room...

such dOlly...:)

i beT she's thristy~~~XD

1st time wear sleeveless...d feelin' is so next time ><
playing d theme song “合而为一”...
a choize by d couple
(freakin nervous~coz it's her big dae...n i get chocked by crowd!!!!XP)

love piano@petals

v r D "memOirCatcher"!!!X)
i juz indulge wit DSLR...

my church memberssssSSSsss!!!sri rampai GRACE CHURCH

simply set a bohemian hairstyle
and off i go~~~

gorgeous blink blink hOOi~~^^


my DIY gift for her....thanks to "chaichaipong" for d idea...XP
they love it!!!
from:lovely lace

ah hOOi....i mizz her so much~
lost contact wit her,,,,
"how r u in China?take care....GOD BLESS :")...

sis, long time din hear from u...

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