Monday, November 1

i need ideass!!!!@@

juZ d minute
when i tot i could rest after a rows of tediOus activities
and focus on my exam,,,
here's popping up another latest prOjeCtsssss!!!!
ChriStmas baCkdrOp of my churCh...
piano accompaniment

this is a buy 1 free 2 jOb tat i got 2fullfill...
as she said tat im free compared to others ==
i noe there r loads more youngster in church which is creative n matured enuff 2handle this
aiz what to do....i cun reject as this is a jOb for GOD
thou i noe......
****im equally busy!!!****

"chow yin yin is comin' to town...."

[JOY TO THE WORLD]-->any idea????
im a hair of white now..

MERRY X'MAS everyone....
another beeEEEezee festive seasOn fOr me...
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