Monday, November 29

a cracked of dawn...@@

im seriously PISSED OFF tis morning!!!
awaken by a loud cracking sound....
a sound like people throwing bottle towards our awning
we shouted OOOIIII!!!!followed by our malay neighbour beside us...
something fishy....uneasy tots....
then we rushed to the backyard n see whether there is any suspect person around
n wat pops on my mind is some burglar's act or wutt
i see nothing but then my dad pointed his finger at the window
way up ~3rd floor
tat window!!!
i saw a shadow...
a man peeking his PIG head out~juz a little...from d left
followed by a woman's~
then v yelled straight into them n then
another bottle flew straight towards us but lucky v stand a distance from it...
it's a beer bottle~obviously...
hOW ridiculuOs to hav such neighbour????!!!!!!
n wit my very own eyes,i see her smilling!!!!!!(O~O''')/
OMG~~tat is way too OVER!!!!
i cun believe they r kinda enjoy
they who did such an act
NOT a children
NOR a teenage
they r grOwnupS!!!!!
in their 40's....
heh?!!!tot i was dreaming
BUT no!!!!!!!
im sooooOOOOooooo angry~~~~~
which i yelled!!!"I will snatch a piCture n REPORT POLICE!!!!!"
seem no use...
no respond from them certainly...
haizzzz....then my mom called 999..
guess wutt d police said?
"aunty..u kena pegi balai report~"
faint @___@
tis is d authentiC style of malaysia's officer... full of question marks...
why they did so?r they drunk?
i mean....a normall person would'nt act like tat rit?
watt if d bottle kena ppl?
lost their mind?grown ups leh?!
will they revenge?i dunno....

one thing for sure!

i hav a CRAZIEEE neighbour!!!!!!

no more calm~
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