Monday, October 4

She's Like A Swallow That Never Flies...

juz finish my last vocal exam....
dragging my body without soul back hostel
heavy footsteps
pulling my slaughter body
what could i say~
yah thats d proper word ever...
1st n foremost....
here's d situation of today
i was d 1st candidate of d opening of our 6PISMP-MU music practical exam
like owaz my stomach will b full of butterflies flying all over
cant hide d nervous feeling which appeared on my pale+sleepy+morning LOOK....
hooh....i was nervous for two reasons actually
1st...of course, exam what, thats d normal kind of feeling
2nd...piano accompaniment for David's singing
for guys who dunno David,
he is a prodigy in piano playing...
he's d kind of human where you give him a song to listen
he'll play infront of you d next minute
that is what NERVOUS for!!!
now the moment is here...
i get in d exam room with my sleepy face
with a greet to MR. Sabri n Mr. Steven
n guess wat????
i got a pump on my heart when
He said:" You tak ada baju kurung kah? "
" kenapa tak makeup sikit.....pakai lipstick sikit "
" rambut juga..... "
haiz enuff....not to mention my look anymore
mayb i do LOOK a bit unpresentable as they said
but with this kind of comment as a starting of the main course...
im sure that d level of confidence will drop till d ice point
and i sing my "IBU" by p.ramlee like a defeat soldier (X_X)
mayb not so 夸张 but it does affect some lor...
i admit that i have no confidence in singing like my fren does
my body language n facial expression are equally weak
from there you'll only notice a word FRIGHT and STIFF
n honestly it shows when i sang IBU~
thou i try to fake some hand movement when i sang d 2nd song
"SHE'S LIKE A SWALLOW" after commented by lecturers
but i doesn't seems to be working out well...
the swallow is sick todae....X(
all i could see is
d disappointment from lecturers
especially Mr. SABRI
"i expect more from you gal....but u din manage to pull it off todae"
i almost in tears when this phrase comes to an end...
im down actually...coz this is d last vocal exam, no more in future
but i ended it this way~
i din opt for a 2nd chance mayb im tired....
but im proud and happie to see DAVID satisfy with my piano accompaniment,,
at least my overnite last minute practice paid-off!!!!(^O^)/

I guess singing is no more my cup of tea
i love singing n harmony singing
but i had no confidence to sing infront of people plus mic singing
hope d ensemble turnout to b a good one!!!!



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thanks...s u said...i hav 2move on...

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