Wednesday, October 27

just lying.....

It was my 1st time ever to visit a paralyze people tat dae

He is “singer”’s roommate which is my junior

Although im not close with him

but as IPTB-tian there is a need for me to pay a visit

pheeeeW….full of circumstances n obstacle in paying a visit

our time is way too early before the visiting hours

and so “singer”, “drummer”, “guitarist” and me go round and round d hospital kulim

to find our way….@@


I saw him lying there unconsciously

A sudden sorrow shaded my heart

Stitches all over him

A tube was connected through his neck down to esophagus then stomach I guess

Another one for urine purposes

A needle-steel thing joined against his hand to reconstruct d bone I guess

Both his leg was being wrapped with a cushion-like stuff for massaging purpose I guess

It’s about two weeks for him to lie there since d accident

D’ thing is I could see his slightly movement on and off

They take turns to talk to him

“singer”:bangun u punya nestum sudah nak expire….

Pinjam printer….

Nak passup Anatomy assignment dah…

no respond***(but I think tat was funny thou)

“guitarist”: tolong jadi spy dan msg i…

merely smiles***(is tat?even guitarist saw tat)


Too soft, must b smtg private I guess

Fathini!!!…I call him in heart

juz too shy to go near his ears..

or mayb he’ll wake n say who is this???=P

any recommendation or idea to help a paralyze one??

It doesn’t work todae…=(


Piipy said...

of coz it x work...coz his name is FATIHI, not FATHINI..haha~

chowchow7 said...

no wonder lar...he din choy me
got sincere heart enuff,,,

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