Thursday, October 28

i love music!!!

last week....
d beeziest week ever in my maktab life
i can only get to sleep almost 1am everdae
for a cinderella like me[i mean i usually sleep b4 twelve]..
its killing!!!><
who says music student is free??nope....
but our class 6PISMP MU cherished d hectic week together
n yet its a sweet memory n experience for us...rit guys? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
behind d scene of MUSIC CONCERT
im happie for severel reason here as i get to tryout some new toy here..=P
1st trial...
my greatest satisfaction!!!!hahahah
it's my dream dream dream to ever ever ever play~
i cant play funky drumming pattern
juz up to beat...tats it..."enough eat"
and tis is d MAN i accompanied..
HOTET~my buddy....

a bit nervous and stressup when i knew i had 2accompany his piano playin with my immature playing skill...
a song composed by himself...
after a bit of briefing from MR. HO n there he left me with d drum set...
"zi gei zhap sang"(cantonese saying)
still can feel d shakey hand and my uncoordinated leg n hand...
ohh how tension!!!!
when i played wrongly he will stare me through d eyes...
ooOOOoooopsss~n he got to start over again...
i made myself a small notes on d pattern of drumming...
to avoid KANTOI on d performing day...=X
d other reason which makes me "butterfly" is
Shazwan...d king of Drummer in IPTB juz behind d audience~!
@___@ all i do is juz "dap dai tao" and play
as if very yao yeng~
but actually im full of nervous!!!
but when i see a thumbs up from HOTET,,
im soooooo relieved!!!huak~o(^~^)o
pass my drumming test~
next satisfaCtiOn~~~
i am d AJK for Perhiasan Pentas
which is a tough job
as i helped xueli last year
n i knew im gonna hav a "one day trip" spent with d music room's board...
i cant find inspiration and idea on tat blank board!!!
n its up to me....
even lecturer keep on asking me!
"Do something!!!!!"
2moro is d dae but im still zero~~
after a whole day spent in music room....with my stinky attire
it's DONE!!!!
and i like it very much...=]
thou some commented a bit like kindergarden decoration...hahah
thanks to my on n off crew..
jun..ah teh..yeeming..nan..xmin..tet..pii(thx 4ur word)..did i leftout anyone?

"play the music....not the instrument"

n this is my partime job on tat dae....technician
which involved wiring n miking...

last but not least
a sudden recovery of my frienship....
after a loooooOOOOng while....
thanks thanks 4 yer help
when im stuck wit d WORDS...
thanks 4accompanying me indirectly(thou i noe u r accompanying sum1 else lar..)
kept on reminding me tat im late!!!!pheeww..><

i added eye sore...for our frienship here XD

bac to bread-face no time to hav my proper meal...

wooo....whose eyes bigger?popping out!!!O.O

v copied d last pose for previous music D' amOur

D' parts n partial of our rehearsal n practiscing time....
without aircon...without complain...
here we go....bunch of future music educators!!!

-biG family pOtrait of 6PISMP MU with sir STEVEN-
love u guys!!!muacks...XP

another music concert done by us~D' MUSIC 17

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