Thursday, October 7

from d bottom of D' clOwn...

at last i can really rest myself....turn on my away mode ;)
my mind is definitely on a vacation thou my body is still in my hostel room
sometimes people may ask me hows my hostel life now?
well....i'll pause instanly....not because of not good
but juz tat there isn't a specific answer in my head
i would say depend on which perspective n from which point of view r u lookin for...
yah hostel is full of cocraches...bekfu(lizards)...bird's droppings..wild kitty cat's poo..
ignore tat!!!!!!!
but for now...i juz found back my own territory
i hav more time for my stuff....for my interest...n really quest myself wat i really want
surprisingly when i tot i'll b alone
GOD prepared me with lots of care n love
from people around me these days especially my church members
which really caring n perform as a good listener
not to leftout some of my college frenz...thanks ='')
n im glad tat GOD is my forever friend and HE knew my need and matters
i can feel HIS presence nowadays....
my life is colourful...not tat anyone can see it....
but it lies in d soul of mine...

im on my path....

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