Monday, September 27

wine sharebout


this is d supposing "appreciation expression" of a person when having wine

and this is how i look like after having drops of wine/beer/alcohol stuff

i'm definitely not a wine lover
to me, it is more like a drug or medcine
hate d slight bitterness of it
u noe how i drink it?ohh pity...
at 1st, i'll make sure my nose won get a single smell of it
then GULP~~~
way it down my tummy....wit a bit burning!!
wat a waste right?!

this is d second time for me having a wine sharing party at zhi qiang house
i feel i had wasted his wine coz i dunno how to appreciate it
i was surrounded by those heavy wine wording....

but i like d fact tat they r bunch of brothers n sisters who really particular about d feel of environment when having their wine
im so "drunk"of d background music rather than d wine,
which is so sentimental n comforting
laughter n chit chating moments relaxes my dae
besides of wine, they r also book enthusiast...
which is not my cup of tea...XP
but i think i should really start to fill my knowledge from books!
they can spend 5 hundred dollars juz for d pages...
remind me of.....u noe who....(O.o)/

zhi qiang's living...

me n xiuxiu tabao "qingyu"+chicken wing from sentosa...
muz try!!!!!chicken wing =)

xiu sister in christ,bukit mertajam

white wanton mee RM2.50 from pek gung jeng...temple of BM
not bad....but not my favourite
tried d best in ayer mom's hometown

this is good!!!!muz try....
forgot it's name..
was told tat it is a combination of 3stuff
got a taste of hot choc plus coffee =P

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