Friday, September 10

long time no see friend =]

........dizzy @__@ with bOOks.........

if i am a shOpaholiC, then he must b a bOOk-hOliC!!!

1st day of hari raya
my second visit to bOOk fest at KLCC...
for a non-book lover like me,,
it's impossible for me to visit twice..
but then, if it's for a long-time-no-see friend,,
then it's different story~XD
6months...wat can i say?
nothing much changes...juz tat our hairstyle different jor
too bad...too bad...
v dun hav enough time to really hav a chat oso
n so i left him shop alone in d bookfest
am i right??=P

after hours of operation....
i mean "book-shopping"
fualala to see him with two basket of boooooooooooooooKs!!!!
never see ppl indulge with books tat much~
but it's a good habit....juz tat~~~
a quote for u
"think before you buy dude...."

anyway...i manage to browse through lots of fashion n cook books
kudos for me~=)

thanks for your souvenir....
next time if u fly again,
i want something free...

love d T-shirt so much!!!should i wear it or frame it?XD


jasmie said...

it is a wise move to buy book at bookfest, it would be much cheaper than usual price, hahaha!

cookbook? hope to see ur cooking-update soon! ^__^

chowchow7 said...

hahahah....too wise till lost control sometimes...=P
yah im so much into recipess nowadays...juz waiting 4d right moment to giv it a shot~
comin soon for sure.....

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