Sunday, August 1

st. anne job

teacher aka. red crescent??

july july july
it's our Bukit Mertajam st.Anne fest again
it's been 4years studying in bukit mertajam
but i never have the chance to step in the compound of st.anne church
juz promise myself to pay a visit before i leave this place

who is anne??
she is grandma of jesus, or else mary's mom
yah im a christian...but im a protestant
so this is a catholic thing and has a bit different with the ministry

huhu~~hope my former scout gang member won kill me if they see im in red now!!!
me with my juniors from sarawak

let's get started!!!
i love the red west~cool...XD

the interior of st. anne

we have the ten commandments which stated in bible

me nancy and our group leader-daniel
we walk in three and doing the patrol job from 7pm-12am
the place is over crowded...
sometimes me myself cun find a spot to have a breath of air

we were lucky to have the man behind us
he is our team leader and also our tour guide
really a born st.anne tour guide as he himself is a catholic
plus he often came to this place since small

thanks daniel!for making the nite more enjoyable
with your tour around st.anne and also story bout u
such a matured-thinking guy
although he is younger than us!@o@


it's like touring than working..memorable experience~

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