Saturday, July 31

TEACHER YIN bac to pengbin...

pengbin primary scool's mini sports dae
due to pupil's invitation via facebook & letter...
i decided to go bac and hav a surprise visit for my ex-student~

at 1st i was afraid tat my student may not recognized me
because of Teacher Yin's bOyish short hair lOOk
and also about several months ago since i left my 1st one month practicum scool

to my surprise,
some of the students spotted me from far when i was still in car
from their expression, phew...they suree still remember me~
*touched* \(Y~Y)/
but they seemed to be too overwhelmed to my presents
and i was like wow~kids....
please dont pull or drag teacher when i jump out of the car!

for sure to answer these question:
teacher,teacher how u noe our sports dae
teacher,teacher why u cut ur hair tat short
teacher,teacher please b a certified teacher to teach us
teacher,teacher email...hp no....
teacher,teacher i want to give u a puppy
[my last post mentioned bout a student who wanted to give me a puppy dog and guess wutt...she still offer d puppy to me...@@ faint!!!!]

oh my god!!!!student~teacher yin juz wanted a peaceful visit here...=''(


spotted *bookworm*

teacher YIN's blue house!!!!yea~^^

spotted*marcus from 4M*


grand finale for win!!!!

guys...D' skinny versus D' BIG-GUY
tats the reason of blue team's victory!!!!!=P

3bowls a meal for each of them

spotted*my nautie 5H+5U student*
hahahah....1st n 2nd place...
look at their shy shy look when they see me...
they'll turn devil during my music lesson!!!!for sure~~

mr JOHN...still cheerful and a good teacher!

spotted*4M cutey*
waiting for their turn to battle

spotted*5U's beauty*

spotted*STACEY from 4M*
[1st from right]
she's goin to move to singapore on september....=(

woooah~black colour teacher YIN!!!

yea!!!proud of uuuuu....

~result board~

1st-yellow house
2nd-blue house

...their cheer.their spirit...

all the best to all my student~
do well in school keep on ur love on music
i'll b bac anytime...miss~~~=]

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