Thursday, June 24

my 1st ever mob dance!!!!=D

flash flash everywhere!!!!!!at one Utama

WHAT IS......mob dance
is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place,
perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse...

i've been under-going hectic training this holidae..
s told....
will....n here is something fun to share,video s promise~
hahahaha.....enjoy it!=)

im d one in yellow...2nd row 1st frm left
hahahah...thanks THe sTar for d piC

Jai Ho Flash Mob Masala Dance Choregraphed by CandiSoo @ GSC 1 utama

okok....i was far far far behind(on right side)...
cun even spot me i think....but enjoy it s whole yah guys!!!!!

thanks to my supportive frenz....u noe who u r~
n oso my adopted sister way,ming,fren raj, godma angie...
love u guys!!!=P

Saturday, June 19

i keep myself busy!as a "housewife"...

cookie-"Yin Amos"

certainly~im not married yet!!!hahahah....
juz tat i feel like one for the 3weeks sem break tat im having now...
people say when u stay too long in d kitchen,
ur face turn yellowish!!!O.o
if it's real,nevermind...
coz it's for them...
*my PaPa
*a birthdae girl
*a birthdae boy

(wonder who r those?wait for fedex to ur doorstep)

here's d recipe...

betty crocker cookie mix
an egg
1/3 vege oil
i added some oats(preferable)

mix it~

drOp iT~
eew bit like....ehem XD
no need to worry bout d shape as cookie is shapeless!!
then OVEN it
bout 220 celcius
aprox 20 minutes
(you hav to adjust it urself)

oh 1st trial...
2nd trial~
thou cannot fight wit famous amos one lar!!!

here's d packaging...
by Amos...
it's yummy by the way!!!
try it....
drop some crazy nuttie in it!!!


Tuesday, June 8


go CUT my hair tat dae
guess wutt d lady barber said to me.....
"it's hard to find a gurl like you...."
tot it was a compliment at first
here comes d next phrase~
"hard to find people wit natural half straight half curlz messy,like aunty"
"your hair colour tone is too dark.....hmmm doesnt match ur skin tone"
"n ur face even.......u look juz Malay....."
"hmm.....difficult to find a suitable hairstyle for u as ur face is in square..."
"God is so unfair to you...."
ohh my gosh i wonder she CUT hair or CUT people's self-esteem pulak~

i think most will b piss off wit those harsh comments~but im use to it dy...

i told her"the fashion industry will b unique wit me...XD"
thou it's a foolish answer...

Monday, June 7

Robber playing symbols"@*!$#%"

a shocking post 2share!!!
sorry for d blur image...
got this article from my mail
n i really hope u guys out there will b alert&prevent it!!!

now tat d robber will left some symbols~but wat's next??no body noes...

a gift of "footprints" from robber:
[+ -] means somebody is in d house during daytime;nobody during night time..vice versa
[...] means there r 3family members
[star] means target
[a circle wit dot inside] means single or rent house
[x] means not our target
[tick] means they get in b4

whether it's true or not juz.....

"symbol from choco"
[X_X] beware~take care....

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