Sunday, May 2

fOund her smile...='']

Yesterday…..labour day

Feel like a maid’s holiday....ahahah!!!!!


We were known as “D maid of alien house”




Me n my dear sister decide to hav a duetto trip,

Out Out Out~ from our jail home!!!!!yea~

Being an Otaku for such a long decade

Almost lost contact wit d outsde wOrld

fOr a KL gal like me,

I feel a lOst in d latest fashion,latest trend,hOttest tOpiC …..bla bla bla

StOp!!!!of an Old ah mah’s lifestyle…I dun wan tO b called yellowed-face!!!!

Im Out!Out!Out! any of d sense now…..>W<

1st stop…..jUscO

snack of d dae...marshmallOw!!!sushi...


Feel like it’s a day Of buang our “pun chuin”[hometown pocket money$$$]

Blablabla….we loiter jusCO till 7pm…

2nd stop…

SwinG SwinG Café

Our 1st ever sinGK’s territory since fOundatiOn…

a nice hidden placed at Bandar perda…

We discovered d place n not much people noe bout it…

remained it's mysteriOus face~XD

Bout one year we never step our foot here…

now it’s time to have sum memory lane…^^

i look at her and she looks back at me~

our mind juz appeared blank whenever time to choose our songs...

gOsh fishy claimed tat she lost skill in'S time to get bac d feel!!!

especially those mandarin songs..brainwash by english songs lately~XP

we kind of like eating up and skipping those chinese wording

lemOn jOin us in d middle~

as usual wit his head senget greet to me n a shy shy posture~

aiz....makes me shy n paise lor...mayb we seldom talk....

or mayb bcoz im fierce gua frm d previous incident...not to mentioned***

to b hOnest i hope 2noe him more s he is my sis' bf...

then tis weird aquarian guy really had thousands of facial expression...

juz lik tis guy

n could not seems 2duduk diam diam lor!!!!

kacau-ing..ish...but he's cute in a sense~

freakin pOpping huge eye balls...

juz like


there is a scene...where im really touched

A sudden touched by them

when i See them bumped into each other...playful big kiddies~

sweet sweet couple~

Their love is so pure and shines!!!

Touched d bottom of my heart...='']

some might not accept them...but from tat moment onwards,u got my vote guys~

and wat i see is d true happiness and d hostel her is bac~

for such a long decade.....

i never see her smile from d bottom of her heart since we've moved out,

loads of things took her smile...

i had com 2a decision....juz waitin' d right time....shhhh***

p/s:im happie for you n lemOn~=]


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