Friday, April 30


gOsh.....i dunno how to express my tots n feel now
my fren's prob and my prob equally unsolved
too many things jumble up in my mind n so do my heart
express my feel to friends??
i scare they'll get annoyed,fedup with me
i scare they will get the wrong meaning from me
as im not good in expressing my feel verbally

i feel useless...
when i can't even help you...
i tried to catch up but maybe my step and action is way too slow compared to yours
it's too late i noe~
i feel useless...
for wat i do is to stand there and to hold the paper in silent
i feel useless...
when d person who help not me
i feel bad really bad
please give me something to do
at least i got the feel of contribution
mayb im not proactive enough!i should offer myself instead of waiting order
DISAPPOINTED WIT MYSELF im sorry...really sorry~="(
i started to feel like a parasite for not doin' my job for i know is to suck blood
feel such a burden!!!

fren's prob equals to my problem
thou im a good listener but i don't hav de right to comment
as I found loads of weaknesses in me
As d consequences of being a listener
i get a cold war from d rest of my friend
feel d middle
feeling lonely~~
I get sensitive and hurt easily these days
I hurt for I care
I care for you and everyone of u my friend~~
please don't put an anger on me please don't put me away...
like i owaz tell myself "I love my friends,not one less....."


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