Tuesday, March 2


yee sang

hahaha....here's my third recipe in my blog =P

7th day of cny is so called as human being's birthday
n here's a yin homemade yee sang during previous cny...

mandarine orange...on behalf of cny =)


plum sauce...sweet n soury taste


grass noodle

half-ripe mango

here's d mixture of this n that...

yee sang F.A.M.I.L.Y

a bit of peanut crunch for d nutty taste...

u can eat now~~~=D

p/s:taste might b vary on each taste bud!!!but this suits me juz well~~~XD


Heartless Pisces said...

omg.....apa combinasi tu???
i bet the toilet will not have a quiet night XD

chowchow7 said...

this is d most most most 顶级 ingredients i muz say....try it wit u aussie frenz~~~they'll love it so so muchie =P happy experimenting...

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