Thursday, January 7

a preview on my future career path-TEACHER

2years to go from now till i hit my destiny....being a nobel teacher
im not sure whether the word "NOBEL" fits me o not...hmm

2010,beginning of a new semester
too many bad news for d opening of my year
my fren's sis was posted to an ulu place of Sabah
imagine how on earth a girl can survive there...
accommodation wise...??
this semester i will face my greatest fear
"practicum for a month"
can i teach?i dunno...
will i get bullied by bunch of kiddies?i dunno...
we will b placed in any of the primary school near Bukit Mertajam,Penang
mostly SK which i think i have to accept the fact,by our music lecturer

A future teacher
our fate
is beyond control
we juz obey and fulfill our task
we might need to sacrifice some

people ask me
where will you b posted to after graduate
i cannot give an exact answer
for what we get is not what we want
maybe tat's how noble is mend for teacher

im still young for the nobel word
im sure many of my battle mates out there feel the same way
still rebel in mind....
lost faith on teaching path...feeling hopeless and helpless

i remember a friend of mine told me
phychology topic
"you are what you are"
if you think positively,you'll live a happier life
and vice versa
human mind tend to think something negatively in the 1st place
including me...
it's up to us to control what we are
but i guess no matter how hard r how lonely i am in my future teaching path,
there's a person who will always b with me....

GOD will lead my way..

b happie guys^^
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