Tuesday, January 26

i used to call her "jie jie"....but now

i called her jie jie
after d first B.I.G camp
she was so good to me
she listen to me when im down
she lend her shoulder to me when im in tears

but today...
siting beside her as stranger
my tear flows along de corner of my room
coz she no longer want me as her sister
i hurt her i guess
but untill now...i cant find her wound...
jie~~can u give me a hint or slap me or scold me....
ur silent drag me into suffer
ur coldness bring me into loneliness
i miss d days where u n me laugh like mad cow
i miss d days where u share anything everything to me
i miss d days where u try to pull my shorts off and peep me in bathroom

i guess i don deserve to b forgiven
i guess im not worth being ur sis anymore
please dont tell me it's d end~

i still care =''(

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