Wednesday, January 13

"C liaO......."

im in a huge huge trouble this time
MQA checking!!!!!
suddenly ask for our foundation year assignment
now am in my degree year leh!!!

prasekolah assignment...
i burn it....throw it.....dy
mayb it recycle into tissue paper liao...
everyone of us knew tat v will b majoring in music
who on earth will predict tat they'll trace bac tis kind of stuff!!!!
wat d heck is tat?!
how to vomit
3sem's info??!!
gotta b kidding me
everyone went bac hometown to get their stuff
but not me...
no point for me going bac coz
i have nothing to bring bac
saying bye bye to my classmates
n having a lonely weekend here
sei jau sei lah~~~

*sobb~sobb....kill me pls...T.T
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