Saturday, January 30

mOdeL Of d dae--ah nan jiejie vs. makeup artist--fiShy meimei


ah nan jiejie's lOOk before.....
our makeup artist fiShy meimei before....
me,thE phOtographer....XD

their eyeshadOw(st. ella)
Align Center

( fishy-makeup artist..nan-model..shallwei-assistant )

battle grOund rush hOUr~~
models??makeup artists??photographer??@@

working out wit d eyeshadOw...
after one hOur "operation"...TADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

her eyes...(i help touch up d tear drop blinkers...juz playin' around)XP

onn zai really lucky to hav my pretty jiejie...^^

fLawless lOOk!!!

thanks to our makeup artist--fiShy XD

d Contestant...tOugh fight~~~><
d champion...second from left
we all conclude tat she wore a wrong outfit...hahaha
but yet...still a good makeup!

SHE won herself a st. ella lipstick(worth rm58)+a photo of herself on d spOt
how efficient is d pro photographer!!!

THE prize giving moment...

GREAT WEEKEND~hehehe....^^

Friday, January 29

craziest nite!!!whooohooo....^^Y

"we did d craziest thing when having together...."

yesterday after celebrating "PONGGAL" (indian harvest celeb)with our indian frenz..
me n fishy decided to walk bac home...
kiddin me??yup...
tats it!we walk bac to our home at taman pearl,berapit
it's a sudden popup plan thou....
okok....i got to let u guys hav a rough idea on our attire when we head bac...
which makes passbyers..hav a weird glance on us...
im wearing my black BIG tees plus black slack---sounds normall rit
while fishy is wearing her punjabi suit(right after d indian celeb)plus a backpac plus a sport shoes..
picture the combination of us?
fishy kept on complaining how weird she is...blabla...funny~~
lucky she covered up her face lik a taliban lady wit her scarf...

15minutes drive turn out to be 1 n half hours walk
we started at 6.30pm but end up at 8pm

we keep on motivate each other
i keep on tellin her we'll omos there after d turn infront..which is a white lie...=P
sing songs(nursery all time favor)

such a great experience and we had fullmoon tat nite as our evidence!!!
such a dusty face...
weird gals weird d dae....XD

p/s:love u fishy~~nice memory...

Tuesday, January 26

i used to call her "jie jie"....but now

i called her jie jie
after d first B.I.G camp
she was so good to me
she listen to me when im down
she lend her shoulder to me when im in tears

but today...
siting beside her as stranger
my tear flows along de corner of my room
coz she no longer want me as her sister
i hurt her i guess
but untill now...i cant find her wound...
jie~~can u give me a hint or slap me or scold me....
ur silent drag me into suffer
ur coldness bring me into loneliness
i miss d days where u n me laugh like mad cow
i miss d days where u share anything everything to me
i miss d days where u try to pull my shorts off and peep me in bathroom

i guess i don deserve to b forgiven
i guess im not worth being ur sis anymore
please dont tell me it's d end~

i still care =''(

Friday, January 22

2010 dUTy rOster for alie3n hOusemate...

im not scolding bad words....
it's our ali3n language~~~XD
tis is the 2nd sem staying outside of college...
a placed called tmn pearl jOb to create a new duty rOster for 2010

our ali3n family mascOt...
d 3Y3s symbolize d five of us...

faCial xpression--->"week"
done by "chOcO"

swipe n mOp d flOOr..wash clOthes..dustBin..Cutey Shit(clean washroom)..reFill water

5ali3n hOusemates
drawing based on their latest lOOk...XP
they mumble alot everytime on their look...
piCture does'nt lie...ha!

the Old 2009 duTy rOster....

hellO 2010!!!!
(it's red!!coz Chinese New Year is juz around d cOrner~yup!^^)

HAPPIe 2010 mates!!!!enjoy ur job~heheeee....

Tuesday, January 19

tis is really my bad day....-_-;

failed something today
but still...affects my mood!><
feeling dreadful..
recall bac d same feel where i failed my 1st chemistry paper in form4

had to listen to some harsh words and some annoying attitude
"HEY!!!"im a human too, like YOU and YOU...
i have feeling ok?!
please b considerable when my intention is juz trying to help im tired...

sem after sem....
when it comes to performance
co-operation gone
commitment gone
respond gone
my enthusiastic turns into boredem....
im sorry to say but tis is d fact
it's tough to stand alone
like malay's saying "syiok sendiri"
some even give "a splash of icy water" on my face

”--i'll bare in mind
"pretend to b deaf"--i'll take note
fishy....thanks,,,for being wit me!such a supportive fren^3^

to:THE ONE...."thanks 4ur concern after hurting me badly"...
u r d fake-est person i ever met!!!!

i'll try my best thou....s promise!

Monday, January 18

my mOnday,sO prAwn!

im soooo BIG HEAD PRAWN todae!!!

1st time...
i forgot to bring my bag 2scool.....
haish!!lucky pak guard is En RAMA-RAMA
which is a good good pakcik!
"En..i lupak bawa beg....(add-on fake pity expression)

tis is a rough idea how he looks like^^....friendly leh~~

yee drove me bac...huyoo thumbs up for her driving skill
juz 10minutes....everything settled
bac to mass lecture...luckily lecturer din notice us as v sneaked in...

tis is actually sunrise thou it looks like sun set...
cun resist 2snap it bfore entering lecture~~~

library time...too bored waiting for photocopy
(dropby) drew a picture of "fishy"....
oh my goD,,my fren~i hope u won b an art teacher in future...

he left wit a note....
hahaha~~~knowing i'll tag him in faCebOOK!!
but...hey....i won't!but i will in blOG!XDD

*phew...tired wit MQA paperwork...wutt a fake dae....*

Sunday, January 17



怪beh beh:周老师,好久没有看到你了,很忙吗?


怪beh beh:假期在kl,做什么啊。。一定很轻松咯


怪beh beh:咦,假期喔,怎么会忙呢?


怪beh beh:ei...周老师,回去酱久一定是躲在房间没有走街。。白了leh!!(眼睛瞄以下我的皮肤)


怪beh beh: 周老师,刚开学一定得空.......嘿~


怪beh beh: 怎么可能呢,刚开学wor....


怪beh beh: 要过槟岛吗?嘻。。


怪beh beh:ohh~明白了。。(脸色苍白。。吓到。。默默转身。。离开



Saturday, January 16


a late post....
from my college frenz when they fly here and there last december holidays....
even d tiniest thing will certainly light up my day!love it~muackss..

-ah nan-


was told tat tis is de latest trend in taiwan,小猪(pop singer)wearing it s well
"small people"-chinese mystic...something lie can get rid of bad luck?!
hahaha....not really into it...

-ah miang-

lion face fish tail...tats all bout singapore!=)


cUtey dumbO^_^

it seemed tat, the one who went beijing still owe me something....XP

Friday, January 15

a date wit "fishy" .co

first time enter "CHE GO" korean restaurant at juscO seberang perai
food wise....not bad
money wise....ready ur cards...hahahha!!!

here's their menu

i notice d similarity of this restaurant with iChiban Ramen
i ask d waiter....but then not even he can answer my quest~
paise troublesome customer...XD

kimchie korean style maGGie mee...
sure not mine,this belongs to fishy
she eat till sweat....hahahah~spiCy!!!>O<
this is definitely not an individual side dishes or wutt....
it's actually pick out by our miss fishy who hate vege sooooo much!!!@o@
u betta learn 2eat~~

then a freakin' vege lOver's order
my Salad..(^3^)/ yummiee...

faCial challenge(theme=silly-ing)....i lost~~~~T.T

on ur mark.....

so freakin' funny lor!!!
fishy won!!^^

mine looks "HUH???!" instead of silly....
(omit my kurung attire....haha....went there after scool)

actually we went there with 3perak musketeers....
but then they strictly warned us not to follow them when they shop
==''' boys do shop!!!
they don realize me n fishy are behind them....

Wednesday, January 13

"C liaO......."

im in a huge huge trouble this time
MQA checking!!!!!
suddenly ask for our foundation year assignment
now am in my degree year leh!!!

prasekolah assignment...
i burn it....throw it.....dy
mayb it recycle into tissue paper liao...
everyone of us knew tat v will b majoring in music
who on earth will predict tat they'll trace bac tis kind of stuff!!!!
wat d heck is tat?!
how to vomit
3sem's info??!!
gotta b kidding me
everyone went bac hometown to get their stuff
but not me...
no point for me going bac coz
i have nothing to bring bac
saying bye bye to my classmates
n having a lonely weekend here
sei jau sei lah~~~

*sobb~sobb....kill me pls...T.T

Saturday, January 9

i need a joker....


wOrld tallest building of 2010-Burj Khalifa

sky skapers around the wOrld


1)known as Burj Dubai — Arabic for "Dubai Tower"
2)the building rises 2,717 feet (828 meters) from the desert.
3)The $1.5 billion "vertical city" of luxury apartments and offices and a hotel designed by Giorgio Armani
4)also plans to have the world's highest mosque (158th floor) and swimming pool (76th floor).

will this lasts....?

Thursday, January 7

a preview on my future career path-TEACHER

2years to go from now till i hit my destiny....being a nobel teacher
im not sure whether the word "NOBEL" fits me o not...hmm

2010,beginning of a new semester
too many bad news for d opening of my year
my fren's sis was posted to an ulu place of Sabah
imagine how on earth a girl can survive there...
accommodation wise...??
this semester i will face my greatest fear
"practicum for a month"
can i teach?i dunno...
will i get bullied by bunch of kiddies?i dunno...
we will b placed in any of the primary school near Bukit Mertajam,Penang
mostly SK which i think i have to accept the fact,by our music lecturer

A future teacher
our fate
is beyond control
we juz obey and fulfill our task
we might need to sacrifice some

people ask me
where will you b posted to after graduate
i cannot give an exact answer
for what we get is not what we want
maybe tat's how noble is mend for teacher

im still young for the nobel word
im sure many of my battle mates out there feel the same way
still rebel in mind....
lost faith on teaching path...feeling hopeless and helpless

i remember a friend of mine told me
phychology topic
"you are what you are"
if you think positively,you'll live a happier life
and vice versa
human mind tend to think something negatively in the 1st place
including me...
it's up to us to control what we are
but i guess no matter how hard r how lonely i am in my future teaching path,
there's a person who will always b with me....

GOD will lead my way..

b happie guys^^

Saturday, January 2



Friday, January 1

h.a.p.p.i.e 2010 =]

happie 2010 guys!!!!^^
how to pronounce...
twenty ten
two thousand and ten
GOD BLESS everyone~~
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