Wednesday, December 29


但wutt to do???(==lll)
希望everything start fast and end faster~
好好享受这几天 ^~^

Sunday, December 26

happie FLU dae~

oh oh oh~~~~ not ho ho ho.......
it's boxing dae...
i should get at least a box of gift from santa...
instead of receiving a gift box
i got myself a tissue box...
(=~=.. )swt?????
started to ahhhchOOOooooo start from d begining of my dae...
went to church sumore tis morning n i cun even focus my mind wit pastor's message
my eyes keep on refill n refill wit tears
i hav 2breath wit my mouth coz my nose was stucked~
like old people say it muz b sumone keeps thinking or mentioning u...
ohh is it a good thing or bad thing??!
one thing for sure is tis person thinking of me whole dae lor~
makes me suffer only...@o@

happie boxing dae~
i need more tissue santa!!!!!

Saturday, December 25





Saturday, December 18


what iS "lOve"??
the word LOVE is a bit sensitive to me....
and im not d correct person to share u d meaning of it,,,
because i never really experienced it..
reCently my mom n relatives keep asking me d same question
"any target?" "any prince charming?"
well...i normally will answer them wit a laugh..."hah"
because im too conservative when it comes to this kind of question
"sorry~NO COMMENT..."
some brothers n sisters in christ will approach me n say...
"woi...u must start find now,..or else all d good ones will extinct~~"
but seriously,i guess there is a curse on my church pianist...
they all fall in d unmarried category.....
n im d third generation...=P
coincident only...!!!

i guess some of my past incident which happened to me makes me feel tat
i should really learn to love my friend 1st before i get into a serious relationship...
yes~i did!!!!
i admit tat i HURT few people around me...
especially thOse really CLOSE CLOSE one...
the MORE i CARE the MORE they get HURT by the evil me....
unintentionally i swore~(~_~..)

ever since...from time to time...
i'll tell myself...not to get to close...
i even set a limit or a barrier as not to let my precious fren get HURT again...
i save the sadness to myself n try to spread more happiness to people around me
i noe i should never use my sickness as an excuse
but then my thyroid problem really affected my mood sometimes..
those who dunno me will claim tat i am such a moody and emo person..
well...i noe it's a bit unfair tat my mood projects on my face
hmmm....its a bit burden but still im in d process of learning to control n to overcome it..

n so LOVE?
to b fair n perfect....
im still uncooked!hahahah...
i still remember d 1st time i still need my friend to teach me how to construct romantic sms...
pity pity pity...XP
anyway love is still a sweet sweet thing to me...

no rushing for d right ones...

Monday, November 29

a cracked of dawn...@@

im seriously PISSED OFF tis morning!!!
awaken by a loud cracking sound....
a sound like people throwing bottle towards our awning
we shouted OOOIIII!!!!followed by our malay neighbour beside us...
something fishy....uneasy tots....
then we rushed to the backyard n see whether there is any suspect person around
n wat pops on my mind is some burglar's act or wutt
i see nothing but then my dad pointed his finger at the window
way up ~3rd floor
tat window!!!
i saw a shadow...
a man peeking his PIG head out~juz a little...from d left
followed by a woman's~
then v yelled straight into them n then
another bottle flew straight towards us but lucky v stand a distance from it...
it's a beer bottle~obviously...
hOW ridiculuOs to hav such neighbour????!!!!!!
n wit my very own eyes,i see her smilling!!!!!!(O~O''')/
OMG~~tat is way too OVER!!!!
i cun believe they r kinda enjoy
they who did such an act
NOT a children
NOR a teenage
they r grOwnupS!!!!!
in their 40's....
heh?!!!tot i was dreaming
BUT no!!!!!!!
im sooooOOOOooooo angry~~~~~
which i yelled!!!"I will snatch a piCture n REPORT POLICE!!!!!"
seem no use...
no respond from them certainly...
haizzzz....then my mom called 999..
guess wutt d police said?
"aunty..u kena pegi balai report~"
faint @___@
tis is d authentiC style of malaysia's officer... full of question marks...
why they did so?r they drunk?
i mean....a normall person would'nt act like tat rit?
watt if d bottle kena ppl?
lost their mind?grown ups leh?!
will they revenge?i dunno....

one thing for sure!

i hav a CRAZIEEE neighbour!!!!!!

no more calm~

Thursday, November 11

marriage of 22 ♥


凯文 淑慧
tat's d story of them...

here's d story of me n my dear sister in christ...
ah hOOi!!!!
22years "sisterhood" in church
yah...from d minute v born
can i say tat she's my non-biological sister?!yup...without doubt..:)

v grew up together in Sri Rampai GraCe church
(both of us share d same surname 周)

v get into d same sunday school class since xxx never apart
(you owaz get owaz d 2nd...ish~)

v play alligator 2gether
(thou i owaz b the scary alligator bcoz im huge compared to any of the same age kids around me)
(so sad T.T coz u guys owaz call me monster since then...i oni BITES!!!)

v get trained to b church choir member
(and u owaz purposely sing MACHO-ly to entertain me...gosh u r so MAN)

v involved in christmas carolling almost each year
(i nearly caught fire because of ur candle of tat "SILENT NITE"!!!!!!)

v travel 2gether for our church camp
(sooo many memories.......)

v learned guitar together
(half way stop dy till now...both oso half water!!><)

v "fish" 2gether in church
(ohh no...forgive us, v juz upgraded to adult level at tat time...still new to SERMON)

v get baptised the same dae
(christmas!!!christmas!!!our favourite day~=P)

clockwise from top left:
1)baptised(she's d 1st coz d 3rd...sooo nervous!!)
2)church trip(guess me XP)
3)church camp again
4)at church(1st camwhore wit my k800i)


n she got married at d age of 22....
such a young couple!!!!


with pastor yap...

gosh~she's so busy with her business!!!
(talkin on d phone)


im one of her jimui
her pianist at church
and oso her photographer

**p/s: it was d time when i still hav my long hair...
now im short dy..**

morning look ^^y

okla...formal bit~~^^

her dressing room...

such dOlly...:)

i beT she's thristy~~~XD

1st time wear sleeveless...d feelin' is so next time ><
playing d theme song “合而为一”...
a choize by d couple
(freakin nervous~coz it's her big dae...n i get chocked by crowd!!!!XP)

love piano@petals

v r D "memOirCatcher"!!!X)
i juz indulge wit DSLR...

my church memberssssSSSsss!!!sri rampai GRACE CHURCH

simply set a bohemian hairstyle
and off i go~~~

gorgeous blink blink hOOi~~^^


my DIY gift for her....thanks to "chaichaipong" for d idea...XP
they love it!!!
from:lovely lace

ah hOOi....i mizz her so much~
lost contact wit her,,,,
"how r u in China?take care....GOD BLESS :")...

sis, long time din hear from u...

Wednesday, November 10

Tuesday, November 9


toooOOOOOooooo muCh of exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n u'll turn intO an aPe...@@

critical stage....
save the ape!!

my exam biTes =E

juz a thankful post here =)

"a week of study week spent here hostel
here's some love from them.."

thankS thankiu Gamxia
ariGatOu thankiu xieXie terima KasiH
thankiu arigatOu DOrjeh thankS

Korea sweets from xiu xiu, my sis in christ =)

FerrerO from xiu lan aunt, GOdma of me...^O^

blaC blaC serdang souvenir from nan =P as black as me

i love charcOal bread!!
thou she pressed it accidentally on d way bac penang~

laSt but nOt least....
a pack of love from mummy n daddy..o(^~^..)
2months din see her n him dy!!!

2 to go~~~~

Sunday, November 7


HIM:"how you come?"

me:"by xiu's car..."

HIM:"GOOD!very GOOD....."(sounds relief)
HIM:"next time u can come with her car....MORE....hahah(added laughter)

xiu+me+qian:"..........." (tend to b freeze by his "amazing" phrase)

and i was like WHAT?????!!!! excuse me????of course i din voice out~~

3of us juz "hahahaHAAAAHahahahahah........."==

its a short conversation cropped from this morning....
a bit clueless??
the GOOD and the MORE word sounds a bit offensive to me....
which means im a burden to him all of the while
"hah~"this is a materialistic world!!!
i noe im not as pretty as "Queen of your hearT"....
when she's here...u r d MR. OK...act politely...
when she's not here and i see ur "horn" popping out!!!!!
your eyes are "coloured"...
you r the most "gentleman" guy i'd ever met!!!!
i wonder why University Malaya can hav such production~
sorry for d harsh post here~~
but u really terpiJak my tail lorr...

gurlZ....muz open ur eyes BIG BIG lor...
**faint o(><)o

Wednesday, November 3

I sWeat....(>_<)

I sWeaT these days fOr i cannOt control some of my inner feelingzZz...
I sWeat these days fOR i want tO get rid of my hOmesickness....
I sWeaT these days fOr tOO much of bOredom in me...
I sWeaT these days fOr i want get rid Of the hunger....

I got too muCh to think to muCh to miss when im alone these days....

**sweaT is a good release**

walk bac those memory lane
but im alone this time...

Tuesday, November 2

based on a true love story....

D' stOry Of a perfeCt maTch frm GOD***

He isn't perfeCt for his physical appearance

She is a beautiful lad

n yet they come tOgether as ONE in GOD~~~~

yah....this is 100% a true story not a fairytale from any publisher...
juz based on a true love story n arranged by the clOwn itself...

im sure most of U u n u..!!!
human being out there(including me....)
will want to search for ur MR.prince charming or Miss fair princess right...?
hmmmm...bla bla bla...
not untill u see their live testimonial here...
***Cadmon!!!u done it well to prove d wOrld wrong!!!!!!***
they r my sT.andrew church bro n sis in christ
Cadmon n sOphia...
well~~hav to switch d time bac to their TAR college moment...
both of them were classmates studying mass communication...
for a lovely lad like Sophia, for sure she has her market there...
no joke!i mean those long queue one!!!!
and as for Cadmon,
i would say tat he is a highly spirited and motivated guy apart from his physical disability~
he even volunteered to b a course wrap
and stood out many times as a student representatives way bac in his TARC days...
i guess there is no need for me to elaborate d circumstances they faced in order to get together
it's juz like d scene in those HONG KONG TVB drama...
but then~
it's GOD's miracle who brought them tOgether as one!
as they shared to me these days....
im so touched***GOD is L.O.V.E!!!=]

and this overly-confident guy said:"i still hav market untill todae!" (==lll)
i'll let sOphia noe!!!!heh...
but i believe his words coz he has a certain attraction!!hahahaa...

ok bac to our one day trip....
1st stOp fOOOoooooOOD!!!!
hell me!!!so ashamed when i get overjoyed infront of those yummy bites
of course jailed for so many days...1st day released...XP

flour+peanuts+fried onions=unknown...
trademark from penang oni...s told!!><

粿汁kuey chap
herbal soup+duck intestine+duck meat+handmade kueytiao=thumbs up!!!^^

this is how i look @@...kind of enjoying my breakfast...
[taken by sophia...]

next stop.....
to penang's peranakan mansion
something like a baba nyonya museum
rm10 for d entrance
u'll get a tour guide to explain those history n stuff...

d interiOr.....
n stuff....

spotted a freaky statue here...
is she bleeding???O.o


d never ending love story...\(^~^)/

gotCha in my flamable camera!!!!pOOooooF....XD

me n CADMON..

watts cOOkin sOPhia???

juz like a kid!!==

ohh...a not so duddly kid here...freakin!!>O<

my ancestor's grand piano!!!sifu sifu....^^

wow!!!king sou???(in canton)

yin:"oi!!!u say bring me there one worr...."
cadmon:"yala....browse down!!!!"

n i get ICE KACANG as a fullstOp of my dae....
@raja Uda...

im seriously addicted with this!!!

blessed love fro GOD
n HE shall lead u....
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