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The Unique and Personalized of

Well well well….

Year 2009 is coming to an end….i’m sure most of the mall now will be crowded with people because of the on-going year end sales. Many people will have to fight against each other to get the cheapest of their favorite stuff.

Hah~=) a relief laughter!no more chaos!

Nowadays online boutique is mushrooming through the net you can do your shopping online and also online banking. It’s much more comfort, relaxing and convenient to buy a gift for your family, friends and of course your love ones. You do not have to step out of your house and stuck up in massive jam in order to do the old fashion shopping..

Ever feeling to find a perfect, unique, special, stylish gift for your love ones? Is there anything that meets the above criteria?

Well,here’s the deal…


Recently, I spotted an eye catching slogan at their very homepage which is “SPECIAL GIFT FOR SPECIAL ONE! MAKE YOUR OWN UNIQUE GIFT.” Sounds really cool right? I mean, come on you would not want a common gift for your love ones years and years..true? For me a gift represents the sincerity of one’s heart. So a little surprise and unique gift means a lot and I’m sure your gift will caught people’s heart before you say anything. offers a wide range of unique and personalized gifts which suits everyone’s taste buds. They have different categories of gift to choose such as T-shirt, photo mug, cushion, puzzle, crystal, photo card, ceramic tile, cosmetic mirror, mini tee, mouse pad, button badge, keychain, car sign coaster, plate, and strap. Amazing right? Furthermore, they also create those gifts in conjunction of different occasion like Christmas, Wedding, Graduation and Birthday. Hey, from the page I get to know that they got a string of good testimonials from press and media. So I believe this is a trusted and reliable company! hahahaaa….

Here are some of their unique and personalized gift:

Why you should get a set of COUPLE TEE?
[quoted from their page...]
- As a gift to remember special moment.
- As a symbol of your commitment towards your loved one.
- To instantly cheer someone up.
- To be different from the other couples on the street.
- Occasion that you can use Couple Tee as a gift
- Mark a special moments together
- This gift will definitely stands out from the others given and also a truly a memorable ones !!!

not satisfy yet?how about having your very own couple name on your tees...huh~~

a glowing PUZZLE~

Merry Christmas!!^^


[taken from the page]

Looking for Preciousness or Superiority Gift Idea? Our GOLD Mug may suit you.

No matter what color your photo is, when it is printed on GOLD Mug, it will look more precious compared to plain white mug.

Wanna look more 'precious' on mug? Custom made your GOLD mug today.


hugging this every night will lead you into sweet dream~~

For your information, has their very own shop that you can visit and see the samples! From what I heard from a friend, by visiting their shop and ordering would be better because they will give a better deal, and not forgetting to your explain on how you want your personalised item and state it more clearly to prevent misunderstandings. This is the alternative way if you are not used to the online shopping way. By the way, is currently having Chinese New Year Package Promotion, there is a total of 6 Chinese New Year Packages now! Do check out their website to get further information yah~

All you have to do is just sit back and do the browsing at

Oh yah yah~~before I forgot they are having a year end sales and you can enjoy up to 50% discount!

So why wait??click the link and create a surprise for your love ones!!

Happy Shopping guys!!!=)

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